Service Leadership

dHL team members are servant leaders which means we are both servants and leaders. Successful servant leadership begins with our team’s desire and commitment to serve students, teachers, and working professionals who want to contribute to youth and learning. We are collaborators, critical thinkers and problem solvers, creators, innovators, and community builders.

dHL team members lead with our core values:

  • purpose
  • wonder
  • learning
  • equity
  • creativity
  • adaptability
  • empathy
  • kindness
  • integrity
  • gratitude

Responsiveness and Awareness

dHL connects students with people, places, ideas, and resources from around the world to empower our members, provide a platform for education, and an awareness of global perspectives and world views.


dHL provides K-12 teachers with free and equitable access to our library resources and our Video Conferencing Catalogue so students can connect with industry experts anytime, anywhere at no cost.


dHL has a shared responsibility to support an inclusive environment within the organization, within Canadian schools, and throughout the community by providing a collection of library services and resources that meet the needs of all learners.

Literacy and Lifelong Learning

dHL supports and cultivates a broad range of new literacies and the pursuit of professional, academic, and personal learning, thereby improving one’s ability to participate meaningfully within an information-rich society.


dHL is dedicated to learning, promoting and supporting continual advancements in education and library services, and staying current with new trends in education and educational technologies.

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