Video Conferencing Information and Resources

There are several free video conferencing platforms available to connect you with dHL Experts. Since each dHL Expert usually has a preferred way to connect, the Expert will let you know what the technology requirements are before the video conference. You may need to contact your IT department if there is software that needs to be installed.

Free Video conferencing Platforms

Cisco WebEx

WebEx web conferencing combines file and presentation sharing with voice, HD video and new Meeting Spaces. You’re free to meet anywhere, anytime, and work together in shared meeting spaces with up to 3 people for free.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is Google’s free videoconferencing platform. You can add apps to your hangouts to watch YouTube videos, draw pictures, or share your screen to collaborate.


Hangouts Cheat Sheet

Media-ting a Hangout (Thank you @HJ_DeWaard)


Access free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype, send instant messages, and share files. For a fee you can include group calls for up to 10 people.


Skype Training Cheat Sheet

A Dozen Ways I Have Used Skype in My Classroom

What is Mystery Skype

How to Set Up and Run a Mystery Skype Session

Mystery Skype Jobs

Mystery Skype Jobs Created by My Students

Mystery Skype Procedures


Download your preferred Zoom Client to participate in Live Learning Canada’s live streaming programs. There is no cost to you or your District. Alternatively, when users click on their first live stream link they will be prompted to download the zoom client.  Zoom offers users a variety of plans, including a free Basic Personal Meeting Room. The Basic plan provides users with a meeting room that hosts up to 100 people, with a 40 minute time limit on meetings, an unlimited number of meetings as well as online support.

Platforms Only Available in Ontario, Canada

Contact North | Contact Nord

Contact North | Contact Nord is Ontario’s distance education and training network serving more than 600 small, rural, remote, Aboriginal and Francophone communities across the province. Contact North I Contact Nord is a non-profit organization funded by the Government of Ontario partnering with Ontario’s 24 public colleges, 20 public universities, and hundreds of school boards to offer local access to education and training opportunities.

Subscription Based Videoconferencing Platforms

Adobe Connect

Adobe® Connect™ is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars. It powers web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, and enables organizations from leading corporations to fundamentally improve productivity. Note: All Ontario school boards are licensed to use Adobe Connect. Contact your Tech Department for your free account.

Videoconferencing Etiquette and Tips

Video Conferencing Etiquette and Tips

dHL has curated a small collection of eMagazine articles by universities and businesses providing information and best practices for video conferencing.

The Biggest Do’s and Don’ts of Video Conferencing Entrepreneur eMagazine

Video Conferencing Etiquette and Tips University of California Communication and Information Technology

Video Conferencing Tips for Success Northwestern University Information Technology

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