What We Offer

Digital Human Library brings people together to make a difference for kids.

We create opportunities for K-12 students to learn with Canada’s largest network of industry professionals by connecting classes with subject matter Experts for thousands of interactive 1:1 video conferences supported by over 1500 educational virtual tours, and live Indigenous Learning Programs guided by authentic Indigenous content. Our community of Experts and virtual content are sourced by Canadian teachers for Canadian teachers to support youth and learning across Canada. 

more than 250000 educators
more than 2075000 student impressions
more than 83000 virtual session delivered
Digital Human Library featured  photos of experts and educators

K-12 Learning Services

Browse the largest collection of K-12 educational virtual tours and virtual reality
Join Free K-12 Projects from partners and organizations such as A Kids Guide to Canada book, atGlobalEdSsChat, and Walk with Us book
K-12 video conferencing for virtual programs, career talks, and mentorships
DHL APP Coming Soon!

Indigenous K-12 Learning Services

Learn Indigenous culture with featured available indigenous books
Experience live indigenous storytelling from indigenous knowledge keepers and storytellers

District Implementation Services

Implement Digital Human Library resources using District Implementation Programs
Issue Digital Credentials for district content and document student competencies
Digital Human Library featured  K-12 educational programs

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