Digital Human Library Team

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Headshot of Leigh Cassell

Leigh Cassell is a mom, adventurer, educator, and entrepreneur. She is a partner in learning with teachers, students, industry leaders and NGOs around the world. Leigh is an Elementary Teacher, Education and Innovation Consultant, Children’s Author, and CEO and Founder at Digital Human Library. Leigh is a dynamic influencer and reflective practitioner, highly skilled in building networked learning communities in ways that facilitate relationships for learning, build critical digital literacies, cultivate emotional intelligence and nurture leadership in education.

Leigh was born and raised in London, ON where she later studied English Language and Literature at University of Western Ontario. She graduated with an HBA, and then completed a 2 year B.Ed Program at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS. Leigh has received the highest level of awards from the Ontario Teachers Federation, the Ontario Public School Board Association, and the Ontario Library Association, and she has been recognized internationally by Apple and Microsoft for her innovation in education.

In her spare time Leigh can be found in the forest, hiking, mountain biking, paddling, and collecting rocks with her husband and two children.

Chief Information Officer

headshot of James Aitchison

James Aitchison is a visionary, leader, and educator. He’s a leader and teacher at heart, intellectually a bit of a geek, and physically striving to remain under 50. He’s a Technology and Leadership Consultant, a Cultural Change Consultant, Keynote, and Workshop Provider. He currently seeks ways to make meaningful differences in the lives of others through innovation and support of change processes. James has transformed leadership practices in the use of technology in organizations across Canada and he is sought after for engagements on a national scale.

James’ current engagements create cultural shifts that employ process and planning methods that are collaborative and goal-focused. IBM is one of his major clients and, with them, he moves organizations to greater levels of purpose through the thoughtful understanding of roles and responsibilities across teams.

On the side, he’s a real estate investor, cyclist, outdoorsman, change leader and lover of life. He relentlessly discovers ways to give back and he is part of a family of innovators. James believes in possibility, celebrating moments, and touching lives.

Indigenous Advisor

Headshot of Robert P. Blackstock

Robert P. Blackstock is a hereditary chief of Gitxsan heritage who holds the name, “Simogyet Alluxw”. He belongs to the Fireweed Clan and he is from the Wilps (house) Geel. Rob’s career background includes negotiations with companies accessing First Nation’s territory. He believes that business opportunities should be mutually beneficial; having long term and sustainable positive impacts for First Nations.

Cultural Shift Consultants

Headshot of Trevor Hammer

Trevor Hammer is learner, leader, entrepreneur and family man. Born in Listowel, ON, Trevor holds a B.A., and B.Ed., from York University. He spends his time between his home in mid-western Ontario, and the Muskoka region. A teacher and learner for over 20 years, Trevor spent his last five years with the public school system as a facilitator and coach at the system level, focusing on tech-integrated teaching and learning, curriculum deconstruction, and global competencies.

Headshot of Sherri Ross

Sherri Ross is a learner, educator, and leader who believes life is about finding the funny, never passing up a moment to laugh or smile with others. She strives to live by Maya Angelou’s phrase, When you know better, you do better, and is driven to solve the challenges brought before her. Sherri is a K12 Teacher, Educational Technologies Consultant, and Adult Learning Consultant, and believes in the potential people have to create positive change for others.

With a focus on adult learning in the workplace, Sherri strives to create sustainable change that empowers others in meaningful ways. She believes that the worth of every organization is in its people, and provides support with implementing practices that honour and value the experience, knowledge, and expertise each individual holds. Sherri thinks creatively through multiple lenses and is sought out for her innovative approach to strategizing and solutioning for continuous improvement.

Born a Saskie gal, Sherri holds a B. Ed. and a B. Mus. in Music Education from the University of Saskatchewan. She has since completed a Diploma of Business Administration in HRM and will soon hold a Master’s of Education in Adult, Community, and Higher Education from the University of Calgary. Although Sherri currently calls Alberta home, her neighbours exist from coast to coast across Canada. In her spare time, Sherri spends as much energy as possible snuggling all of the furry creatures, adding to her rock collection, and building a garden oasis for birds, bees, and butterflies.

Cultural Shift Consultant Intern

Rochelle is an internationally recognized leader/educator, and is the founder of a thriving Non- Profit called SPARK Foundation. ( SPARK Foundation offers life education programs (workshops, camps and community programs) to young people throughout Canada. Rochelle has had over 7 years of experience in: startup environments, leading teams, community engagement, policy making, and project management. Besides her Non Profit work, she is also the youngest committee member to be sitting on the committee of Community Service at the City of Surrey and Provincial Committee on diversity and policing, were she helps to build policy and shape change in themes of: quality life, public safety, and community engagement. Because of her work and leadership, she is the recipient of the: Top 50 Change Makers in Canada by the Globe and Mail 2021, International Princess Diana Award 2020, Canada 150 award in leadership, Surrey Board of Trade Top 25 Under 25 2018, the Governor General Sovereignty Award, is the author of her book titled “Because We Can”, and continues to travel the world in pursuit of building sustainable communities. Rochelle has also been interviewed on: BBC International News, Global BC and local news channels, published in the Globe and Mail, local magazines, and written about in over 50 articles in the world. Rochelle also holds a BA, majoring in Political Science, and double minors in: Social Justice in Education, and Curriculum and Instruction. She also has earned a BEd, and is currently pursuing her MEd in Social Justice in Education; to be completed by the winter of 2022. She is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal advocate and champions goals number: 4, 11,13 and 17.

Community Outreach Coordinators

Izabela Kacprzak has pursued knowledge in Psychology, Biotechnology, and Scientific Management while working in Laboratory Research and Project Management. Her educational and professional experience has provided her with the opportunity to work with many different people with diverse perspectives, share knowledge, and appreciate a multidisciplinary approach to work and life. She loves trying new things and has a wide range of interests such as reading, yoga, hiking, and cooking. Her goal is to help others explore and discover where their passions lie while encouraging people to be their authentic self, have a sense of adventure, and demonstrate fairness wherever possible.

Holly Luky is a Strategic Educational Technology Consultant focused on driving business growth in new markets. Holly has combined her passion for education and technology in her professional life for over 12 years working for a variety of companies including startups and large corporations. She is also actively involved in her community working to promote social justice and creating a healthy and sustainable life through hobby farming.

Community Library Curators

Headshot of Stephanie Hare

Stephanie Hare is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing studies in Virtual Online Teaching and Learning. She also holds a graduate certificate in Early Childhood Education-Special Needs from Humber College. She has a keen interest in Special Education, Digital Literacies, and designing and implementing curricula in online learning environments. Stephanie is happy to be part of the DHL community and hopes to make valuable contributions to the field of education.

When she is not working or studying, Stephie can be found at the farmers’ market delighting in a Portuguese tart, and exploring cities in Ontario!

Headshot of Bernadine Reeb

Bernadine Reeb believes that we can give every student the opportunity to shine when their interests are driving what we do in the classroom. She is an MIEExpert, a Skype Master Teacher, an SDG Ambassador and a National Geographic Certified Educator who is committed to finding new ways to make learning authentic through technology in the classroom. Upon her retirement from elementary education she has continued to stay connected by volunteering to facilitate, guide and encourage educators across the globe. (e.g. Climate Action Project, Goals Project, Innovation Lab Schools, Jesuit Worldwide Learning, Digital Human Library, A Kids’ Guide To Canada, 21st DigiSkilz)

Bernadine understands that when technology is used as a tool for global connections, students can read, write, speak and think for real purposes and as a result, they become self-directed, confident global citizens. @berngill

Anh Voong is an international student from Vietnam currently attending University Canada West. Previously, Anh was working for the biggest paper merchant in Vietnam. She proudly joined national projects with the Ministry of Education like supplying paper to print textbooks for students from grades 1 to 12. She has experience in sales, purchasing, and project management. She is organized and detail oriented. Anh’s core values are integrity, commitment, and caring. In her spare time, Anh loves hiking and being close to nature.

Digital Human Library recognizes the Curator Leadership Team that led the design and creation of dHL’s Curator Partnership Program:

  • Amanda Williams, HDSB
  • Kate Johnson-MacGregor, GEDSB
  • Diana Maliszewski, GEDSB
  • Melanie Mulcaster, Peel DSB
  • Joel Krenz, TDSB
  • Aretta Blue, TVDSB
  • Dawn Telfer, TVDSB
  • Alanna King, UGDSB

Digital Human Library recognizes our past Community Curators for their contributions:

  • Stephanie Izzard
  • Alanna King
  • Rick van Pinxteren
  • Meaghan Hegarty
  • Laura Mustard

Building Relations Intern

Combining passions for education and entrepreneurship, Henry Greenberg founded SOAR Entrepreneurship in 2019. SOAR offers a variety of educational and community programs that focus on the development of 21st-century skills through the teaching of design thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. After several years of teaching and leading educational programming for countless students. Henry has taken a “SOARbatical” to pursue new opportunities including developing and pitching his own television series. Henry eagerly looks forward to contributing to the dHL team this year.

Policy Writing Consultant

Headshot of Dr. Charmaine Brooks

Dr. Charmaine Brooks began her professional career with the Medicine Hat School District as a teacher, later serving as the District’s Technology Integration Leader. Leveraging technology to enhance student learning has been a consistent thread throughout Charmaine’s career. She worked for Alberta Education in various roles including as a Director of the Technology Leadership Branch. Charmaine holds a Bachelor of Education, a Masters in Education, focusing on examining how teachers were using technology in practice, and a Ph.D., examining technology in education policy. Other areas of interest include; supporting and assisting with the development of high performing teams, utilizing evidence to inform practice and building leadership capacity in organizations.

French Translator

Headshot of Erin O’Rourke

Erin O’Rourke lives in the Ottawa area with her husband and two children, and is a Vice-Principal with the Upper Canada District School Board. She enjoyed two years on secondment as a Student Work Study Teacher from 2013-2015. Erin loves reading, learning, gardening and photography. @eorourke75

Full Stack Web Developer

Headshot of Mathew Varghese

Mathew Varghese is a Full Stack Developer with 15 years of experience in web design and development involving Creative Design, Database Interactions and Client Server Applications. He was Sr. IT Specialist at IBM for 8 years before starting full time freelancing 8 years back.

Graphic Designer

Headshot of Marty Novak

Marty Novak is a Freelance Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience. He is the Marketing Communication Manager of Palasad London and Escapology London. He has helped businesses across Ontario develop logos, corporate branding, marketing strategies, website consulting and digital brand reputation management.

Social Media Manager

Headshot of Amin Sujan

Amin Sujan is a social media marketing expert who has worked more than 40,000 hours on social media over the last 10 years. He specializes in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Research Liaison

Headshot of Doctor Rebecca Merkley, a Developmental Cognitive Scientist and STEM Educator

Rebecca Merkley a developmental cognitive scientist exploring how young children learn and how parents and teachers can support their learning. Her research spans the disciplines of developmental psychology, education, and cognitive neuroscience.  She aims to use evidence from developmental science to inform policy and practice and aspire to develop ways to improve education in collaboration with others who share that goal. This page links her research and knowledge exchange initiatives. Here is her CV.

Rebecca currently works as an assistant professor at the Department of Cognitive Science at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and an International Science and Evidence-based Education Assessment (ISEEA) Fellow for UNESCO MGIEP. She previously worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at, and continue to collaborate with, the Numerical Cognition Lab at the University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario. Rebecca completed her doctorate at, and she continues to collaborate with, the Attention, Brain, and Cognitive Development group at the University of Oxford.

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