District Implementation Services

dHL’s District Implementation Services are designed to establish an ongoing collaborative partnership between dHL and the respective districts we serve. The goal of these services is to design an implementation strategic plan to guide the seamless integration of Digital Human Library’s resources into K-12 classrooms, while at the same time ensuring that a district’s investment in dHL supports a cultural shift in teacher pedagogy to deepen student learning. 

District Implementation Program (DIP)

The DIP guides the effective integration of dHL’s resources into existing district goals and Board Improvement Plans to support teachers and deepen student learning.

dHL’s District Implementation Program includes:

  • Charter
  • Strategic Plan for Implementation and Continuous Improvement
  • Communication Plan
  • Communication Calendar (monthly content features showcasing dHL Experts and virtual content, ideas for the classroom, mini how-to-videos, etc.)
  • Provincial Education Language Mapping
  • Training Workshops for:
    • Central Teams (curriculum/ program/ experiential learning/ edtech)
    • Administrators
    • K-12 Teachers
    • Learning Commons Facilitators/ Teacher Librarians
  • Feedback and Evaluation

Self-Guided District Implementation Package

Looking for an asynchronous way to provide professional learning for teachers?

dHL will soon be offering a self-guided professional learning video series program for K-12 teachers, central teams and education support staff to support the implementation of dHL’s resources into K-12 classrooms.

dHL’s Self-Guided Implementation Package includes:

  • dHL Self-Guided Implementation Guide
  • dHL District Implementation Video Series
  • Feedback and Evaluation

Introductory Implementation Workshop

Looking for a place to start?

dHL is now offering a one-day Professional Learning workshop for K-12 teachers to provide an overview of Digital Human Library’s resources.

dHL’s Introductory Workshop includes:

  • One full-day workshop for:
    • K-12 Teachers/ Central Teams/ Learning Commons Facilitators/ Teacher Librarians
  • dHL Resources
  • Feedback and Evaluation

Digital Credentials

dHL is now delivering the next generation of digital credentials to Canadian school districts!

Together we are helping K-12 districts adapt to new ways of learning and documenting teacher and student competencies, while leveraging the digital data districts own and control. Digital credentials are designed to work seamlessly with district content, evolving tech ecosystems, and current and evolving curricula. 

Digital Credentialing Benefits for Districts include:

  • Provably Authentic Documents
  • Flexible credential definitions
  • LMS Integrations
  • Digital Identity Wallets
  • Learning Pathways
  • Institutional Promotion

Digital Credentialing Benefits for Staff and Students include:

  • Easy – no app downloads or registrations required
  • Seamless experience – students receive and use their credentials instantly
  • Private – students have direct access and ownership of their data, including where and how they store it, and with whom they share it
  • Open – students can import digital badges into their wallets, storing them alongside their high-assurance digital credentials

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