K-12 Services

Digital Human Library creates opportunities for K-12 teachers and students to engage in community-connected experiential learning by offering hundreds of interactive 1:1 video conferences and engaging live streamed educational programs, and the largest collection of educational virtual tours and virtual reality on the web.

New Indigenous Learning Programs coming soon!

Indigenous Learning Programs

Digital Human Library and Realty Media (4Canoes and Canoe Kids) have paired 4Canoes’ unique Indigenous content with dHL’s digital services to offer K-12 Districts Indigenous Learning Programs.

Virtual Tours & Virtual Reality

Browse the largest collection of multi-media virtual tours and virtual reality on the web! Choose from our free tours, or subscribe to over 1500 educational tours including 360° videos, live cameras, narrated tours, and virtual reality.

Streamable Learning (Live Streaming Programs)

Streamable Learning* live streams hundreds of interactive curriculum-based educational programs delivered by subject matter experts from around the world right into your classroom.

*Streamable Learning Strategic Partners: Digital Human Library, AVRover, SETDA, Safari Montage

Video Conferencing with Experts

Choose from hundreds of Experts in all K-12 curriculum subject areas to connect with classes for virtual programs, Q&As, career talks, and mentorships on a mutually agreeable date and time using video conferencing technology.

Be sure to check out resources for your classroom as well—like Global Connections for Teachers and StudentsGetting Started with dHL, and our Tips for Teachers about getting the most from your Digital Human Library experience.

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