About Digital Human Library

Digital Human Library is a new kind of library designed for modern learners.

We are a social enterprise providing experiential connections-based learning opportunities for K-12 teachers and students across Canada. #Learn2Connect and #Connect2Learn with hundreds of industry leaders (experts) in all curriculum subject areas who are delivering interactive curriculum-based programs using video conferencing and live streaming technology, or explore the world without leaving your classroom through the largest collection of educational multi-media virtual tours and virtual reality on the web.

NEW! Indigenous Learning Programs


Bringing people together to make a difference for kids.


Canada’s premier digital experiential learning library 


  • Deliver authentic digital experiential learning to K-12 students across Canada
  • Create a safe, scalable, community-based modern digital library
  • Support relevance & reach of community content partners in schools
  • Foster increased collaboration among districts, schools, students & communities
  • Remove barriers of geographic location to expand and diversify learning
  • Leverage digital to help students build relationships with others for the purpose of learning
  • Enhance the K-12 curriculum
  • Create conditions for students to develop global competencies (transferable skills) & digital literacies
  • Provide a service that is economical & easy to use
  • Create equitable experiences of learning for all

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