About Digital Human Library

Digital Human Library is a new kind of library designed for modern learners. We are a social enterprise providing connections-based learning opportunities for K-12 teachers and students across Canada. #Learn2Connect and #Connect2Learn with hundreds of industry leaders, experts and organizations in all curriculum subject areas who are delivering interactive curriculum-based content and programs using video conferencing and live streaming technology, or explore the world without leaving your classroom through the largest collection of educational multi-media virtual tours and virtual reality on the web.


  • Create a Self-Sustainable and Scalable Modern Digital Library
  • Deliver Authentic Experiential Learning to K-12 Students Across Canada
  • Design a Service that is Economical & Easy to Use
  • Support and Enhance Relevance and Reach of Community Content Partners
  • Remove Barriers of Geographic Location to Expand and Diversify Learning
  • Enhance the K-12 Curriculum
  • Create the Conditions for Students to Develop Transferable Skills & Critical Digital Literacies
  • Foster Increased Collaboration Among Districts, Schools, Students & Communities
  • Create Equitable Experiences of Learning for All


Canada’s premier digital experiential learning library 



dHL connects learners with people, ideas, tools and resources using technology to empower our members, provide a platform for education, and an awareness of global perspectives and world views.


dHL provides free and equitable access to all library resources.


dHL has a shared responsibility to support an inclusive environment within the organization, within Canadian schools, and throughout the community by providing a collection of library services and resources that meet the needs of all learners.


dHL supports and cultivates a broad range of new literacies and the pursuit of professional, academic, and personal learning, thereby improving one’s ability to participate meaningfully within an information-rich society.


dHL is dedicated to learning, promoting and supporting continual advancements in education and library services, and staying current with new trends in education and educational technologies.


dHL believes in open and transparent business practices that clearly demonstrate responsible use of organizational resources for effective and efficient educational library services, programs and systems.

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