About Digital Human Library

Digital Human Library is a new kind of library designed for modern learners.

For over 10 years Digital Human Library has been bringing people together to make a difference for kids. Our community-based experiential learning library supports the relevance and reach of community content partners in schools by fostering increased collaboration among districts, schools, students & communities. We also help districts contribute to reconciliation in ways that assist staff and students with understanding, protecting, and honouring Indigenous knowledge, perspectives and worldviews.

dHL enhances the K-12 curriculum by creating the conditions for students to develop transferable skills, critical digital literacies, and cultural competencies as they build meaningful relationships with others.

We help teachers expand and diversify learning by removing the barriers of geographic location and socio-economic status to create an equitable experience of learning for all. 

Our experts and digital content are sourced by teachers for teachers in all curriculum subject areas, and can be accessed on any device in any browser – no additional hardware or software required!

Join us and experience the wonder you’ll inspire when you connect your students to new people, places, and ideas from around the world anytime, anywhere. 


Bring people together in service of youth and learning


North America’s premier digital experiential learning library 


  • Deliver authentic digital experiential learning to K-12 students
  • Create a safe, scalable, community-based modern digital library
  • Support relevance and reach of community content partners in schools
  • Address industry needs in ways that prepare our future workforce for the 6th industrial revolution
  • Foster increased collaboration among districts, schools, students & communities
  • Leverage digital to remove barriers of geographic location to expand and diversify learning
  • Enhance the K-12 curriculum
  • Create conditions for students to develop global competencies (transferable skills), cultural competencies, and critical digital literacies
  • Contribute to reconciliation by assisting school districts with understanding Indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and history in ways that protect and honour Indigenous knowledge
  • Provide a service that is economical & easy to use
  • Create equitable experiences of learning for all

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