Education for Social Innovation

Education for social innovation is about recognizing and acting on the power we have for making a positive difference in the world. By giving students opportunities to experience how positive change happens, and more importantly, how they can be both designers and leaders in creating change, we raise their awareness through empathy, giving students choice and voice to affect positive change in the world right now.

Digital Human Library has partnered with individuals, organizations, and businesses to design social innovation projects to engage you and your students as experiential learners and change-makers! We hope you will join us to explore the theme of social innovation in your classroom to support the development of global competencies and inspire students to become leaders in their own learning. 

K-12 Projects

Global Student Chat ~ #GlobalStudentChat (K-12)

@GlobalEdStudentChat is a student-led online chat that connects K-12 students around the world to discuss topics related to character education, social justice, and citizenship.  #GlobalStudentChat creates opportunities for students to network with others, gain perspective, build relationships with new learning partners in a literacy-rich learning environment, experience social media as a powerful platform for learning, and establish a positive digital footprint.

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