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Digital Human Library creates opportunities for higher education students to explore the world’s largest collection of educational multimedia virtual tours and virtual reality on the web, as well as learn Indigenous culture and experience Indigenous storytelling guided by authentic Indigenous authored learning materials that follow a more Indigenous way of teaching and learning.

B.Ed students also have the unique opportunity to engage in a NEW experiential learning program facilitated by Digital Human Library, Guides Connected and your course instructor.

Explore Virtual Tours & Virtual Reality

Browse the world’s largest collection of educational multimedia virtual tours and virtual reality on the web! Choose from our free tours, or subscribe to access over 1800 educational tours including 360° videos, live cameras, narrated tours, and virtual reality.

Learn Indigenous Culture

Digital Human Library has partnered with 4Canoes to bring Indigenous Knowledge Keepers sharing their stories into K-12 classrooms, higher education institutions, and homes. Browse the ongoing 28 edition series and children’s books available on the 4Canoes Digital Shelf, or engage in an Indigenous Professional Learning Program to build your cultural competencies.

Experience Indigenous Storytelling

Digital Human Library and the International Indigenous Speakers Bureau have come together to help elevate Indigenous voices, perspectives and insights in primarily non-Indigenous spaces recognizing that Indigenous world views and perspectives are a tremendous resource of potential solutions and possibilities that the world needs now. Together we are offering educational institutions access to the world’s first, and largest Indigenous Education Video Library of IISB Knowledge Nuggets.

B.Ed Experiential Learning Programs

Digital Human Library (dHL) are now offering a new experiential learning (EL) program for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) students in Canada. In a strategic collaboration between Digital Human Library (dHL) and Guides Connected (GCE), B.Ed students will engage in an EL program facilitated by dHL Industry Experts, GCE Researchers, and your course instructor(s), paired with the opportunity to learn how to integrate dHL and GCE resources into their classroom programs.

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