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“Education is the main barometer of competitiveness among countries – more than capital, and more than technology. More than ever, learning is intimately linked with the wealth and wellbeing of nations. Our environment is making new demands on all of us, especially in the way we think about education. It has become a linchpin in planning for Canada’s future.”

The Education Services Industry in Canada, Statistics Canada

Sponsor a School Program

Digital Human Library has launched a NEW Sponsor a School Program to provide even more Canadian K-12 students with access to dHL’s modern learning services. Individuals, corporations, and NGOs can sponsor a school, multiple schools, or an entire school district.

Together we can help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, while providing proactive solutions to school districts that help address the costly challenges your industry is facing including recruitment, re-skilling, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training.

Join us, and be part of a movement that is bringing people together in service of youth and learning.

The Problem

With over a decade of ongoing cuts to public education, K-12 school districts are struggling to afford modern experiential learning services for K-12 students. Why should you care?

Today’s Students are Your Future Workforce

Experiential learning has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and characteristics that will lead them to become personally and professionally successful, economically productive, and actively engaged global citizens.

Our Solution


dHL is an agile resource designed to address evolving needs and trends in education in response to our rapidly changing world and workforce. We do that by connecting K-12 students with hundreds of industry experts around the world for live educational programs, career talks, Q&As, and mentorships, complimented by thousands of virtual tours and virtual reality experiences that immerse students in industry-based, real-world experiential learning.

When students video conference with dHL Experts, and explore virtual tours and virtual reality, they develop:

  • critical thinking and problem solving skills, and a growth mindset through exposure to different industries
  • adaptability and flexibility as a result to interdisciplinary learning, similar to industry overlap, de-siloed business units, and cross-functional teams
  • cultural competencies and an equitable and inclusive worldview by engaging with diverse people and experiences from multiple fields of work
  • transferable skills and soft skills, and proficiency in the change-supportive competencies that are associated with improved organizational performance across industries
  • strength of character and empathy as they participate in humanizing experiences
  • global citizenship and passion for work, by experiencing and solving global problems
  • technological skills necessary for workforce readiness and effectiveness, reducing the need for re-skilling and up-skilling in training and organizational development programs

We Need Your Help

Sponsorship is essential for K-12 students to have access to modern, safe, and relevant experiential learning opportunities. Equity is about ensuring that all students have access to culturally diverse guest speakers and a global field trip experience, paired with opportunities to learn Indigenous knowledge, perspectives and world views in ways that eliminate the barriers of geographic location and socio-economic status. Join us!

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