10 Great Digital Citizenship Lessons from Google

These are 10 interactive lessons designed by Google to help junior/intermediate students learn more about different themes related to digital citizenship. And while all these lessons revolve around YouTube, most of the principles they include could also be projected on any other digital platform.

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Using these lessons, teachers and students will be able to gain useful skills and a holistic understanding about responsible digital citizenship, not only on YouTube, but in all online activity.

Below is a list of lessons, and the recommended flow for delivery. Lessons are designed to fit within 50 minute classes, but can be adapted to fit your schedule:

1- What Makes YouTube Unique
What Makes YouTube Unique – basic facts and figures (40 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides

Lesson objective: Understand the environment and scale of YouTube

2- Detecting Lies
Detecting Lies – (35 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
Lesson objective: Develop skills of critical analysis when encountering online content

3- Safety Mode
Safety Mode – (5 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides

4- Online Reputation and Cyberbullying
Online Reputation and Cyberbullying – (45 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
Lesson objective : Appreciate potential short-term and long-term consequences of irresponsible social networking. Understand what cyber-bullying is and its effects.

5- Policy
Policy – The Community Guidelines (30 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
Lesson Objective Understand the dos and don’ts of posting content on YouTube.

6- Reporting Content – Flagging
Reporting content – Flagging (20 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
Lesson objective: Understand the flagging process, when to flag content on YouTube and how YouTube enforces policy.

7- Privacy
Privacy part 1 – (40 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
Privacy part 2 – (50 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides

8- Copyright
Copyright – (40 mins) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides

Additional resources/Appendix including Parent Resources – Teacher’s Guide, Slides

You can download the full Teacher’s Guide here.

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