8 Components of a Digital Age Learning Ecosystem

I came across this article, The Digital Age Learning Ecosystem on the BYOT Network. If you haven’t visited his blog, Dr. Tim Clark promotes Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) and mobile learning to empower students and teachers with their personal technology tools for building learning communities. He is the author of the BYOTNetwork blog and has been featured regarding BYOT in NBC News, EdTech Magazine,eSchool News, Scholastic Administrator, THE Journal and many other news outlets. (http://byotnetwork.com/about/)

In his article, Dr. Tim Clark explains how each of the 8 components of the Digital Learning Ecosystem function as integrated parts of an ecosystem or digital age learning community:

1- A sense of community
2- Essential questions
3- Captivating digital content
4- Assessment for learning
5- Multiple teaching tools
6- Designs for differentiation and accessibility
7- Supportive classroom environment
8- Engaging instructional strategies

As the students and teacher interact with their learning environment and each other by way of inquiry and constructing new processes and products of their learning, they are sustaining their own unique learning ecosystem.

digital age learning_ecosystem
Dr. Tim Clark explains each of the 8 components of the Digital Age Learning Ecosystem in his article. I hope you take some time to read his ideas and share your thoughts here!

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