Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Human Library (dHL)?

Digital Human Library (dHL) is Canada’s premier digital experiential learning library. We bring people together to make a difference for kids by connecting Canada’s largest network of Canadian teachers and students with hundreds of industry leaders, experts, and organizations from around the world. dHL Experts offer interactive curriculum-based programs, mentorships, career talks, and Q&As using video conferencing and live streaming technologies, complimented by over 1500 virtual tours/ virtual reality experiences. We also offer national and global social innovation projects supported by research. Join us!

Video Conferencing Catalogue – FREE

What is the dHL Video Conferencing Catalogue?

dHL’s Video Conferencing Catalogue provides teachers with access to 1:1 interactive virtual learning programs for K-12 students lasting 30-40 minutes. Registered teachers simply log in to dHL to search our library of Experts with their students. Classes can search by keyword, curriculum subject area, grade or any keyword search term they like. Once classes find the right expert, they contact the Expert to request a program. Video conferences are scheduled on a mutually agreeable date and time using platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

How do I access and use dHL’s Video Conferencing Catalogue

Watch the video, or follow the 5 simple steps below:

1. Register with Digital Human Library. You will receive a confirmation email approving your registration after submitting your registration form. If you don’t receive this email, please check your Spam.

2. Log in to the dHL website using the username and password you created.

3. After you log in choose the Catalogue you wish to search (e.g. Video Conferencing or Virtual Tours/ VR).

4. Next, choose whether you want to search for Teachers or Experts, and then enter your search terms/ key words (e.g. forest, space, art, authors). Choose from the Advanced Search options if want to add additional filters. Click search.

5. Contact your chosen Expert using the information provided in the field, How to Register, and let the collaboration begin!

*There is no need to search for “FREE” programs since 95% of dHL Experts offer programs at no cost.

What technology do I need to video conference with dHL Teachers or Experts?

All you need is a computer with internet access, speakers, and a webcam with a microphone. We recommend that the computer is connected to a SMARTBoard or projector and screen so the video conference is displayed on a larger screen. If you don’t have a computer with a webcam and microphone, you can buy a quality webcam with built-in microphone for around $25.00.

The video conferencing platform you will use for your video conference depends on the Teacher’s or dHL Expert’s preferred way to connect (Zoom, Skype, Google+ Hangouts… ). If no one has a preferred way to connect, there are several free options.

Note: All Ontario school boards are licensed to use Adobe Connect.  Please contact your IT department to set up your free account if you are interested.

How much does it cost to video conference with dHL Experts?

Digital Human Library is free to use for Canadian teachers. More than 95% of dHL Experts offer their programs free of charge. However, there are a few dHL Experts who charge a fee for their programs and they have indicated their fees in their profiles. Fees can range from $25 – $250 depending on the program. Fees are paid directly to the Experts (content providers).

Who are the dHL Experts?

dHL Experts are registered content providers who offer educational content and programs to K-12 students in their classrooms using video conferencing technology. dHL Experts are dynamic, engaging, and professional, with comprehensive knowledge and skill sets in their field of work/ area of specialization based on years of experience and/or research. Experts lead with empathy and interact with students in ways that are professional and personable, positive, inclusive, and equitable. With a focus on empowering students as leaders in their own learning, experts create opportunities for students to ask questions, share ideas, make connections, collaborate, solve problems, think critically, create, and learn.

Learn more about our Content Partners by visiting our Video Conferencing Catalogue page.

How are dHL Experts vetted?

dHL Experts belong to reputable organizations, businesses, colleges/universities, or are self-employed professionals. Prior to being approved, Experts are interviewed, qualifications are verified, references are checked, and social media sites are reviewed in detail. While dHL does not accept liability for the content provided by our Experts, or for the contents of external links they provide, over the structure of which we have no control, we are committed to providing schools with the highest quality educational experiences. If your experience with one of our Experts does not meet your expectations, please contact us.

Note: In specific fields of work, the definition of expert is well established by consensus and therefore it is not always necessary for dHL Experts to have academic qualifications.

How do I book a program with a dHL Expert?

Each dHL Expert specifies their preferred method of contact, program booking information, web links, and contact information on their profile page. Registered teachers may contact dHL Experts directly from their profile pages. Remember, to view complete dHL Expert profile pages you must be a registered dHL member. Already registered? Log in.

Note: Some dHL Experts offer a schedule of programs that you must sign-up for a month or more in advance. These programs often fill quickly on a first come first served basis so book early!

Where is my information stored at Digital Human Library?

Digital Human Library is hosted at Sibername. All of our data is stored on a secure Canadian server.

What are my responsibilities as a teacher using dHL?

First and foremost it is the classroom teacher’s responsibility to ensure that students have permission to appear on camera during a video conference. Although these sessions are not typically recorded, screenshots and video clips may be taken by the classroom teacher, and/or the expert to share and celebrate the experience with others online. Please refer to your School Board’s Administrative Procedures/ Policies with regards to social media use, photographing/ videotaping of students, etc. We do offer an information letter that you can adapt and send home to families explaining why and how students will be connecting with experts using Digital Human Library. Please note this is not a permission form. However, the letter invites parents to contact you if they have any questions or concerns.

Secondly, teachers have a responsibility to help prepare dHL Expert’s for the video conference. dHL Experts will require information like class size and age group, curriculum expectations, student learning needs and goals, time frame, and preferred program format. There are a number of questions that need to be answered by both teachers and experts before the video conference. Please visit the Tips for Teachers page for more information.

Student Safety

It is the classroom teachers responsibility to provide the Expert with information about whether or not students may be photographed or filmed during the video conference. Please refer to your Board/ District policy regarding photographing/ filming/ sharing student information online.

When you invite any guest into your classroom, whether in person or virtually (online), unforeseen things can happen. If you ever need to end a video conference abruptly, the video conference can be terminated quickly by simply closing the window in your browser. It will be up to you to use your professional judgement to determine what course of action is most appropriate.

Please contact us if you have any problems while connecting with one of our Experts.

Can I link dHL Experts to my lesson plans and resources?

Yes! Each dHL Expert profile includes a link that can be added to lesson plans, book lists, digital notebooks, websites, library catalogues, resource pages… anywhere you want to link human resources with your digital and hard copy resource collections.

To access dHL Expert links, registered teachers simply log in to dHL and search by keyword for an Expert. Once you’ve found the Expert you’re looking for, open the Expert profile and locate the link icon at the top of the Expert profile page. Copy the link and paste it anywhere you like. Any user who clicks on that dHL Expert link will be redirected to dHL and prompted to log in. Once logged in the selected dHL Expert profile page will be visible.

Can I register with dHL if I am a teacher living outside of Canada?

Yes. dHL Experts offer a variety of educational programs that may fit with your curriculum or Common Core Standards.

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Streamable Learning (Live Streaming) – SUBSCRIPTION

What is Streamable Learning (SL)?

Digital Human Library is a strategic partner with Streamable Learning. Streamable Learning has been designed to deliver hundreds of interactive curriculum-based live streamed educational programs to support experiential learning in K-12 classrooms. Streamable Learning is a subscription-based calendar and requires a separate account typically purchased by your school board/ district.
*Streamable Learning Strategic Partners: Digital Human Library, Clever, ClassLink, Safari Montage, Azure

Visit the Streamable Learning website and select, Live Stream Calendar to preview the calendar of over 650 live streaming programs in all K-12 curriculum subject areas.

How do I access and book SL’s live streaming programs?

Your school/ district must first purchase a subscription to Streamable Learning. Once a subscription has been purchased, your school/ district will provide you with your access information and the SL User Guide which includes instructions about how to register on the SL website and book a program.

Already subscribed?

Check out the Streamable Learning How-To Videos to get started!

What technology do I need to participate in a live streaming event?

All you need is a computer with internet access and speakers. We recommend that the computer is connected to a SMARTBoard or projector and screen so the program is displayed on a larger screen.

How do my students and I attend a live streaming program?

A District must have a subscription to SL before a teacher may register, book and attend a program. Once a District has subscribed to SL, teachers:

1. Create an Account directly from their homepage ( Once registered, teachers gain access to all of the live streaming events and archived programs. Browse and book an event in a few simple clicks! Registered teachers are also subscribed to the SL newsletter detailing upcoming programs and events.

2. Download the free Zoom App (one time) to attend a live streaming program.

3. Visit the SL homepage to find sample recorded programs, the trailer, and tutorial videos.

What do my students do during a live stream?

Pricing for Schools, School Boards, and Districts

As a subscription service, our streaming calendar is sold as an annual pass, not on an event basis. SL is incredibly inexpensive on a per student/ event basis as schools and districts get significant per classroom/ student volume discounts. Purchased at a school or district level, every classroom gets access to every program all year long. We encourage schools and districts to start with a pilot, and we offer additional discounts for districts who purchase multi-year subscriptions. Contact us to learn more about how SL is making distance learning a powerful educational experience for K-12 students.

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Virtual Tours & Virtual Reality Catalogue – FREE / SUBSCRIPTION

What is the Virtual Tours & Virtual Reality (VR) Catalogue?

Our Virtual Tours & Virtual Reality Catalogue is an extensive collection of 360° panoramas and videos, 3D images, live cameras, narrated tours, mixed reality, and virtual reality. dHL offers over a thousand virtual tours and virtual reality experiences organized into 14 different categories that bring any curriculum subject area to life!

Visit famous landmarks, museums, and exhibits, or tour cities and historical sites around the world. Watch animals living in the wild, or learn about the manufacturing process as you explore how things are made. Experience a wild ride at a theme park or take a trip into space all from the convenience of your classroom.

Why would I want to subscribe to the Virtual Tours & Virtual Reality Catalogue?

Virtual tours and virtual reality experiences compliment video conferencing and live streaming programs by providing students and their families with rich contexts and immersive experiences that deepen learning. Virtual tours and virtual reality experiences on their own provide students with self-guided window to the world where they can explore new places and meet new people.

How do I access the Virtual Tours & VR Catalogue?

Watch the video, or follow the 4 simple steps below:

1. Register with Digital Human Library. You will receive an email confirming your registration was received. You will receive a second email once your registration has been approved. If you don’t receive this email, please check your Spam.

2. Log in to the dHL website using the username and password you created.

3. After you log in choose the Catalogue you wish to search (e.g. Virtual Tours & Virtual Reality Catalogue).

4. Next, browse our collection of FREE tours, or Subscribe to access our full Catalogue* of over 1500 tours.

How much does it cost to subscribe to the Virtual Tours & VR Catalogue?

Registered teachers pay just $25 per year to access our full Catalogue of Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality – that’s just $1 per student!

How do my students and I search the Virtual Tours & VR Catalogue?

Visit the Virtual Tours/ VR Catalogue. Search by category using the dropdown menu, and/or by keyword(s) using the keyword search field.

NOTE: Virtual tours and virtual reality experiences are links that take our members to external websites. While we make every effort to ensure that all of our links are working properly, if you find a broken link please contact us so we can fix it!

Digital Human Library Disclaimer

dHL does not accept liability for the content provided by our Experts, or for the contents of external links, over the structure of which we have no control. This statement is valid for all of the links on the website and for all contents of the pages to which the links or banners lead.

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Social Innovation Projects – FREE

Where do I find the dHL’s Social Innovation Projects?

Learn more about our free social innovation projects here!

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We hope you found the answers you were looking for. If you have further questions, or would like additional information about any of our services, please contact us anytime.

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