Roles to Engage Students During Live Educational Programs

Prior to embarking on your live program experience, we recommend you consider integrating the following roles to help your students consolidate their learning, and to ensure that all students are engaged. Some students may learn best by simply observing and listening to the program, while others will wish to engage with the presenter and/or the content in a variety of educational ways.

Student Roles

Chat Moderator

Choose one student to type questions asked by the class into the video conferencing room Chat box. Questions posted in the chat box will be answered by the presenter.


Choose 4 or more students to take notes on chart paper or using digital tools like Google Docs to summarize the big ideas shared during the live program.

Listener/Fact Checker

These students are responsible for listening. Their job is to review the information captured by other students during the live program for accuracy.


Ask 2-3 students to host a podcast during the live stream where they are reporting on what they are learning as it happens.

*Student example of short podcast


Choose 2 or more students to draft and publish a blog post about the live program. Develop success criteria for a quality blog post before the live stream. The Blogger(s) will need to collaborate with the Photographer(s) and/or Graphic Artist(s) who will likely contribute media content to the blog post.

Web Developer/ Designer (e.g. Featured Connection)

Ask 1 or more students to update a widget on your class blog, website or LMS that features the Experts you connect with each month. The Web Developer will need to collaborate with the Photographer(s) and/or Graphic Artist(s) who will likely contribute media content to the widget.


Ask 1-2 students take photographs* during the live stream to contribute to the work being created by the Blogger and/or Web Developer.

*Be sure that families have signed a media release permission form for students before posting any images of students online.

Graphic Artist 

Hang mural paper on the wall and invite 2-3 students to visually represent what they are learning during the live program. Or, ask individual students to sketchnote what they are learning.

*Useful sketchnoting resource


During the live program ask 3-4 students to conduct research* as new and interesting facts/ ideas/ topics are introduced. *

Students who do this job need to be skilled at multitasking.

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