Announcing Digital Human Library & TeachSDGs Partnership

Digital Human Library and TeachSDGs are proud to announce a new partnership that will unite the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with new Digital Human Library Experts. Our partnership brings together community organizations and businesses committed to the SDGs, with K-12 teachers and students learning, responding, and acting on the SGDs in their classrooms. These relationships not only bring together education, community and business, but create authentic opportunities for students to learn with the world, not just about it.

“This initiative is designed by passionate educators committed to creating global connections for students,” says Leigh Cassell, Founder at Digital Human Library. “The opportunity to build relationships with others around a shared passion and purpose — the SDGs — will help students develop as globally compassionate and competent learners.”

Our mission at Digital Human Library (dHL) is to deliver authentic experiential learning opportunities to K-12 teachers and students, and our partnership with TeachSDGs will help us do just that. TeachSDGs be the driving force behind a new Catalogue of dHL Experts who will be available to connect with classes around each sustainable development goal. These relationships will include virtual program offerings, inquiry support, opportunities for Q&A, career talks, mentorships and more!

“Imagine students learning about SDG 13: Climate Action and connecting with students marching in the city centre of Brussels to be part of the live Climate Strike experience through live webcam video” says Dr. Jennifer Williams, Co-Founder at TeachSDGs. “Digital Human Library is helping to bring the Global Goals to life for our classrooms — allowing them to take action for and with the world”

Geography should not be a barrier to great conversations and meaningful experiences for all students. Our partnership will leverage simple and easily available technologies to create global connections for today’s learners so students can experience the world of learning that exists beyond the walls of their classrooms. By creating opportunities for students to learn and build relationships with others, we are inspiring the generation of passionate learners and leaders.

We Need Your Help: Please Take Our Survey

In order to inform the selection of Experts who will be featured in the dHL TeachSDGs Catalogue, we need your help. Please complete our short survey to inform which SDG Experts we contact to join Digital Human Library.

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About Digital Human Library

Digital Human Library (dHL) was founded by Leigh Cassell in 2011 to address the urban and rural gap in education by leveraging digital technologies to broaden the K-12 student experience in ways that connect them with new people, places, and ideas from around the world.

Digital Human Library creates opportunities for K-12 teachers and students to learn with the world through social innovation projects, interactive 1:1 video conferences with hundreds of Experts, engaging live streamed educational programs from around the world, and the largest collection of educational virtual tours and virtual reality on the web. dHL is a resource that provides teachers and students with unlimited access to learning partnerships and the field trip experience, anytime, anywhere.

For more information, please visit the Digital Human Library website

About TeachSDGs

TeachSDGs is a global organization of volunteer educators looking to change the world. In efforts to reach the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, thousands and thousands of teachers who have taken the pledge to teach the Global Goals bring lessons of the SDGs to their students in classrooms around the world each day through awareness, advocacy, and action. TeachSDGs was started as a task force of four educators tasked by the United Nations in 2016. Today, in 2019, there are over 30,000 global educators part of the #TeachSDGs conversation.

For more information, please visit the TeachSDGs website

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