It’s Been An Exciting Few Weeks!

So here’s the exciting news!  In the last few weeks the Digital Human Library has grown to include Oregon Caves National Monument, Bamfield Marine Sciences Center, Ontario Science Center, and the Biosphere, Environment Museum.  Each of these unique organizations is now offering a variety of STEM educational programs via videoconferencing for Canadian students. To learn more about….

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Toronto Zoo Distance Learning

The Toronto Zoo is currently testing its Distance Learning Pilot Program in an effort to determine if there is a need for internet based video conferencing programming in grades K-12. The programs provided in this pilot test incorporate multiple biological and environmental concepts all which correlate with grade specific curriculum standards.  During the duration of this….

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November News

October ended with a bang!  The Digital Human Library has partnered with Aerin and Jimmy Guy of SpaceRace, a progressive digital agency “connecting the planet through visionary technologies”. So what does that mean?  Our mission is to bring the dHL to school boards across Canada to provide 21st century learning opportunities for teachers and students….

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