CGE Final 2 Video Conferences of the Year!

It’s hard to believe the year is coming to an end. The CGE still has a couple spots at each and would LOVE to have you join them!!

Extreme Science: Cyborgs and AI  (June 3rd, 12:30-1:30 MST/2:30-3:30 EST) GR 9-12

This two part event will have two 20 minute interactive presentation on Artificial limbs and Artificial Intelligence, follow by a 10 Q&A. Dr Russ Greiner will discuss some examples of successful applications of Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence), and as time permits, outline some of the core ideas and how they will transform the future.

Katherine Evans, a graduate student at the University of Alberta, will talk about how Robotic prosthetic arms are becoming more complex and capable, but one thing that is lacking in commercially available hands is a way to provide a sensation of touch to someone who has lost their arm. This talk will briefly cover what a prosthetic hand is, show a video of a leading edge prosthetic arm, and explain how our research group is hoping to provide sensory feedback to a person with an amputation.

World Environment Day Art Event: (June 4th, 9:00-10:10 MST/11:00-12:10 EST) Gr 7-12

We will be connected to a professional artist,  Edgar González Rodríguez, out of Toronto, as he shares about how his passion for Art and Environment have transformed his life, and in turn the planet! In addition to hearing his story and learning about his Art, students will also have a chance to get his feedback on their works of art and learn how they too can make a difference.

Please let Terry know if you are interested in joining either of these events.

Terry Godwaldt

Director of Programming
The Centre for Global Education
Edmonton, Canada

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