CGE March/April Video Conferences: From the Global Water Crisis to Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

The Centre for Global Education is proud to be offering, with their partner organizations, the following video conferences in November. For more information, please contact or visit their website, Each conference is limited to six schools, and filled on a first come, first served basis, with priority participation is given to CGE/TAG member schools.

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March (Click on Session Title for short description)

This session will focus on the crisis of water around the world, looking at its scarcity and the implication that has on the developing world.
  • Islam and Politics (Mar 26,Time: 9:15-10:15 MT/11:15-12:15 ET) Gr 9-12
This 1 hour event, facilitated by an acclaimed Political Science professor, will examine the influence of Islam on politics and politics on Islam. It will also dispel some of the popular myths that find themselves propagated through media and conversations. Students will have an opportunity to provide questions in advance of the session.
An AMAZING, globally-connected learning project, targeted at upper Elementary/Jr High schools focusing Eco-Systems, Forests and empowering our students to be global agents of change.

April (Click on Session Title for short description)

  • Math and Art  (April 10, 10:30-11:30MT/12:30-1:30ET)  – Gr 8-12

Come and explore how Math and Art can come together. Through a fun and interactive VC, this session will challenge your students to see Math as more than a series of formulas and algorithms and see it as a creative and exciting field of study and interest.

We will be hearing from a young revolutionary in Middle East and a global poet/educator from the United States as they share their powerful poetry about transition and injustice.  Students from each school will also have an opportunity to share their poetry with our guests and receive their feedback. Your students will leave this session changed and inspired to see Poetry as a tool for change in the world.


Join high school students from across North America as they come together  to seek out and build consensus on how our scientific communities, local, national and international governments should move forward with Stem Cell Research. Students will hear about ground breaking research and learn about the implications it has on the ethical debate.

  • Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women (April 21, 9:00-11:50 MT/11:00-12:30ET) Gr 5 – 12


This two part event will bring youth together from across North America to understand and take action on the issue of violence against aboriginal women and all parties involved.

Humanities Event (9:00-10:20 MT) – Students will examine and share literature, sharing poetry, essays and reflections on the reality of Missing and Murdered Women in Canada. All of this will culminate in the opportunity to share these works with Aboriginal experts and move towards action as a national community.
Art Event (10:30-11:30 MT) – Students will connect to some of Canada’s leading aboriginal artists, with both parties sharing their art and discussing the power of art to transform society.
Terry Godwaldt

Director of Programming
The Centre for Global Education
Edmonton, Canada

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