CGE October Program Listings 2015

The Centre for Global Education is proud to be offering, with their partner organizations, the following video conferences in Sept/October. For more information, please contact or visit their website, Each conference is limited to six schools, and filled on a first come, first served basis, with priority participation is given to CGE/TAG member schools. For the complete listing of October events, see below.

October Video Conferences: (Click on link for more info)

These four 40 min sessions, LIVE from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and around the world, will blow your mind!! Join us for one or all four as we listen to women, young and old, who are changing the planet! No prep required. Students will have a chance to share their hero stories though.

This session will change your students lives. Join us as we go LIVE to the Middle East to hear from the people on the ground what is really happening and the role Peace and Violence have in causing change.  Three lessons of prep. Involves international student collaboration.

Everything changes when we see the dignity in our fellow human beings. Come celebrate the dignity of you! No prep required

Be inspired to learn and take action on one of the world’s greatest challenges, Deforestation. Students share their own learning and knowledge on deforestation while connecting to other students from across Canada and around the world. No prep required

Join 10,000 of youth from across the planet, a world leading biologist, and a renowned climatologist, as we go beyond the theory of Climate Change, and examine the real consequences, LIVE from the Canadian sub-arctic.  Join us to learn about the causes and consequences of climate change, what it means for your backyard, the backyard of the polar bears, and backyards around the world, as we brainstorm solutions that will protect our world for future generations. No prep

Join us to learn about different ecosystems and how everyone’s backyards are linked together. Discuss how you may be impacted by a shifting climate and compare yourself to kids across the world! Will everyone experience climate change in the same way? What can we do to stop the world from changing too fast? We want to hear from you! No prep required

This is the second part of MIT 1. Although schools can participate in the individual part, preference is given to schools able to do both.

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