Dave Ruch: December Concert Schedule!



12/12, 1:15pm  « December FUN Show » (preK-6)

A grab bag of favorite songs and stories, strictly for fun, with a few holiday classics (non-denominational) thrown in for good measure. Limit twelve schools.  $95, Reserve!

12/02, 10am  « Westward Expansion and the Gold Rush » (K-6)

A musical trip from the eastern seaboard to the Oregon Trail and out to the west, with banjo, washboards, spoons and more.  $95, Reserve!

12/02, 1:45pm  « The War of 1812 Concert » (Grades 3-12)

Blockades, ballads, bones and banjos come together as we explore America’s « forgotten » war.  $95, Reserve!

12/05, 10am  « World Communities Concert » (K-6)

Songs, stories and musical instruments from around the world – India, Nigeria, Ireland, Russia, Japan and more.  $95, Reserve!

12/05, 2pm  « Regions of the U.S. in Song » (K-6)

Occupations, geographic features, and great music from all across America – – Northeast to Southwest.  $95, Reserve!

12/12, 9:30am  « The Native Americans of NY State » (K-8)

Life and times of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people, 1000AD – present, with students singing along in Iroquois and English.  $95, Reserve!

Limit eight schools per event (except December FUN Show).  All listed times are eastern standard time.

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