December Video Conferences: From Residential Schools to US Climate Change

NOTE: To register for a session please contact the CGE directly. Contact information is included below.

Dear All,

The Centre for Global Education is proud to be offering, with our partner organizations, the following video conferences in November. For more information, please contact or visit our website, Each conference is limited to six schools, and filled on a first come, first served basis, with priority participation is given to CGE/TAG member schools.

December (Click on Session Title for short description)  

  • Ebola: LIVE from Sierra LeoneVideo Conference  (Dec 1,  9:00-10:30 MT/11:00-12:30 ET)** Gr 9-12  – Completed
  • Live from COP 20 in Peru (Part I) (Dec 2, 9:00-10:30 MT/11:00-12:30 ET)** Gr 9-12   

Join us as we go LIVE to United Nations Climate Change conference in Lima, Peru Students will examine the complex nature of climate change, hear from global Climate Change visionaries and innovators, and talk about practical steps and movements students can be involved in to make a difference.

Spend the morning drawing a link between popular literature and Shakespeare, with a special focus on Julius Caesar and Hamlet. Facilitated by researchers/graduate students from the University of Alberta, this session will

Come and explore how Math and Art can come together. Through a fun and interactive VC, this session will challenge your students to see Math as more than a series of formulas and algorithms and see it as a creative and exciting field of study and interest.

Do you do research on the endocrine system? Are you familiar with common disorders/diseases that happen when part of your endocrine system fails? Are there any breakthroughs you hope to see in the next 5-10 years related to either understanding the endocrine system or treating patients?

Come and see how Art is changing the world! Hear from young artists who are using their Art to topple governments, revolutionize popular culture and change the world we live in. Inspire your students to see Art as more than just something « pretty. » This event will take us from the Middle East to America and leave your students wanting something more.

  • International Human Right Day (Dec 10, 9:00-10:10MT/11:00-12:10ET)** – Gr 9-12

Come and celebrate International Human Right day by connecting with UNESCO and Equitas, International Centre for Human Rights Education, to talk about the changing and evolving world of Human Rights. Students will spend the hour debating and sharing about the varying manifestations of Human Rights locally and globally.

Through listening to survivors of the Residential Schools, this video conference will give students as well as teachers a better perspective on their history in Canada. We will be exploring the cause and reasons for the creation of residential schools, the effects the schools have had on the lives of First Nations people today, we will examine the methods of healing and coping amongst First Nations people.

This is the second part of the Dec 2 event.

To see the entire year’s schedule organized by date or subject, please go to CGE’s event page, link.

See you all soon!


Terry Godwaldt

Director of Programming

The Centre for Global Education

Edmonton, Canada  

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