Digital Human Library e-Course Videos

Digital Human Library is now offering a self-guided professional learning videos for K-12 teachers, B.Ed students, leadership teams and education support staff to support the implementation of dHL’s resources into K-12 classrooms and library learning commons. The videos available here will soon be incorporated into a larger Digital Human Library e-Course. Stay tuned!

Course 1: Supplementary Activities

Course Objectives

Learners will:

  • Understand that Digital Human Library resources can be applied in alternative and creative ways.
  • Recognize the potential for using Digital Human Library resources in alternative and creative ways.

Performance Outcomes

Learners will be able to:

  • Make connections between non-core subjects and non-instructional time, alternative learning/teaching strategies, and Digital Human Library resources.
  • Identify alternative or creative uses for multiple Digital Human Library resources.
  • Create and implement a lesson plan for using a Digital Human Library resource in an alternative or creative way.

Video 1 – Defining Supplementary Activities

Any subject, topic, or moment during the school day can be enhanced with Digital Human Library activities. This video defines “supplementary activities” and provides examples that can be incorporated into your lesson plans to complement, enrich, or extend learning within your classroom, or library learning commons.

Video 2 – Identifying Subtle Concepts

A countless number of skills, topics, and concepts can be addressed using Digital Human Library resources. This video explores 3 strategies that can be used to identify subtle concepts as part of using this resource to its full potential.

Video 3 – Competency & Character Development

There are many benefits to using Digital Human Library resources in alternative and creative ways. This video discusses competency and character development as one of those benefits.

Video 4 – Lesson Planning Next Steps

A typical planning process follows after unique and creative activities designed with Digital Human Library have been identified. This video outlines 3 next steps for moving toward implementing those activities in your classroom.

Watch for the complete e-course coming soon!