Empowering Environmental Education through Playful Learning: The Story of New dHL Expert Springbay Studio

Meet Jane Ji

Meet Jane Ji, a passionate game designer driven by her deep connection with environmental causes. Her vision is to make climate education playful, tangible, and relevant to children, empowering them to experience the impact they create through sustainable choices. At the heart of Jane’s mission lies Springbay Studio, a dedicated educational game development studio based in Toronto, Canada. They are committed to supporting teachers and parents in delivering engaging and interactive environmental education experiences. Through their innovative games and programs, Springbay Studio aims to inspire curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of our natural world and the challenges it faces.

The iBiome Series: Immersive Adventures in Environmental Education

Springbay Studio’s multi-award-winning iBiome series stands as a testament to their commitment to environmental education. Designed for children aged 8-14, these educational games, including iBiome-Wetland, iBiome-Ocean, and iBiome-Changing ice, take young players on immersive journeys through various ecosystems. With each adventure, children learn about habitats, food webs, biodiversity, and the delicate balance of species interactions. By exploring the impact of human actions, they develop a profound understanding of the importance of conservation and sustainable choices.

League for Green Leaders: Empowering Climate Action

At the core of Springbay Studio’s mission is their innovative program, the League for Green Leaders, fun competitions on climate action. With this program, children are encouraged to become agents of climate action and leaders for our future through experiential learning. Participating students engage in building 12 virtual habitats, earning badges, and gaining points by completing daily activities both online and offline. Collaborating with their teammates, they strive for top positions on the leaderboards. The program also empowers children to track their daily eco-friendly choices, witnessing their lifestyles becoming more sustainable while observing the collective impact they can make alongside other young green leaders. To date, Springbay Studio has empowered thousands of children to reduce over 100 tonnes of CO2e emissions.

Creating a Better Future

For Springbay Studio, the ultimate reward lies in witnessing children realize that every small action counts. By making climate education playful and relevant, Springbay Studio empowers children to understand the impact of their choices and discover their capacity to create a better future. Through immersive gameplay, interactive experiences, and the power of collective action, they inspire a generation of young minds to become environmental stewards.

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