FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Digital Human Library and Landor Technology Inc. Announce Sponsorship for Prairie Rose Public Schools

Digital Human Library (dHL) and Landor Technology are proud to announce a new sponsorship that will provide every teacher and student in the Prairie Rose School Division with access to Digital Human Library’s resources for the next two years. 

“We are excited and grateful to be collaborating with Landor Technology who has donated $10,000 to Prairie Rose School Division to support this new initiative” explains Leigh Cassell, CEO and Founder of Digital Human Library. “The goal of the sponsorship is to provide proactive solutions to school districts that ensure teachers and students have access to modern experiential learning services that prepare students for the future workforce. With over a decade of ongoing cuts to public education, school districts can no longer afford the kinds of experiential learning services that students need to become more personally and professionally successful, economically productive, and actively engaged global citizens. Together we are supporting public education, and preparing our future workforce for success today, and in the future” says Cassell. 

“After my first meeting with Leigh, and feeling the passion she had for this amazing offering, I knew this was something that Landor wanted to support” says Ashley Dorrian, CEO at Landor Technology. Many of the challenges students are facing today include a lack of exposure to career pathways and diverse cultures across industries, misalignment between what is being taught in schools and the kinds of skills and competencies industries are looking for, and maybe most importantly, access to a foundational network of industry experts who are willing to provide support for students entering the workforce. Cassell emphasizes that, “industry and education need to start working more closely together if we really want to create the conditions for youth to be successful in today’s job market.”

“Our district is working hard to provide hands-on, career-connected learning experiences at all levels. From our South Alberta Flight Academy and South Alberta Fire Rescue Academies to offering Dual Credit Programming with nearby colleges, we are helping students explore and earn credits and certifications in career pathways. Access to virtual experts, virtual field trips and other customized learning experiences through Digital Human Library will be a great addition to our programming. We are thankful for Landor Technology’s investment in students across our vast school district.” Cammie Kannekens, District Instructional Lead, Prairie Rose Public Schools

Landor Technology has paved a new path for businesses across industries to re-engage with the K-12 Canadian education system in ways that promote culturally responsive teaching and learning, and prepare our future workforce for success.  If you’re a business interested in becoming a sponsor, or a school district in need of support, you can learn more about Digital Human Library’s Sponsor a School Program here.

About Digital Human Library

Digital Human Library brings people together in service of youth and learning. 

We create opportunities for K-12 teachers and students to connect with hundreds of industry Experts for thousands of interactive 1:1 video conferences and hundreds of live streaming educational programgs, complimented by the world’s largest curated collection of educational virtual tours and virtual reality experiences. 

For more information, please visit the Digital Human Library website.

Issued by: Leigh Cassell, CEO and Founder, Digital Human Library


About Landor Technology Inc.

Landor Technology is a Calgary based IT infrastructure consultancy, with a strong focus in Storage, Backup and Virtualization. With our combined 30+ years of experience in the IT industry, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our client base. We believe our commitment to complete client satisfaction and building long standing relationships is the key to our successful partnerships, which sets us apart from our competition. Our customer base consists of everyone from the SMB to the Enterprise, so no matter what your business needs, we have the experience and vision to bring it to life. 

For more information, please visit the Landor Technology website.

Issued by: Ashley Dorrain, Owner / Account Manager, Landor Technology


About Prairie Rose Public Schools

Prairie Rose encompasses a large geographical area (approximately 29,117 sq. kilometres) in southeastern Alberta. It borders Saskatchewan to the East and the United States to the South. Prairie Rose Public Schools, through collaboration with the communities we serve, has commissioned a three-year education plan centered around our new strategic priorities including igniting minds, kindling hearts and forging futures, which will continue the PRPS tradition of academic excellence, recognizing our rural roots and providing future prospects.

For more information, please visit the Prairie Rose Public Schools website.

Issued by: Cammie Kannekens, Instructional Lead, Prairie Rose Public Schools


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