FREE, Instant, and Engaging A Kids’ Guide to Canada Activities for K-8

1.  Participate in a MYSTERY CLASS CHALLENGE

  • 1 challenge for each remaining week of January
  • Questions will be provided in both English and French 
  • 2 challenges will be provided at different levels of difficulty: Basic or Advanced
  • “Basic” challenge requires students to read and know cardinal directions (a read-aloud function is available on our website) 
  • 5 clues will be posted each day from from Monday to Friday on our website; clues will not be sent out directly as in the past to avoid email overload

NOTE: Please bookmark Mystery Class Challenges January 2022 for full instructions and the daily clues

2.  Hold a CLASS SCAVENGER HUNT on the Kids’ Guide Map

  • Appropriate for Gr 3-8 students who can read and know cardinal directions (you could explore the map together with younger with students)
  • 40 questions at 3 levels of difficulty are provided: Basic, Challenging, and Advanced questions are provided in both English and French
  • Teachers can select both the number and level of difficulty for students
  • Optional map reading instructions are provided in both video and text format

NOTE: Further info and links will be sent out on Jan. 9 or 10th as this activity is still being reviewed and revised


KidsMeetCanada Archive:

  • KidsMeet the Great Lakes, KidsMeet the Arctic, KidsMeet the Ocean, etc.- English only at this time (a student-created webcast en français is coming in early spring!)

Canada Jay Webcast Archive:

  • Classes shared their communities while hosting one of two stuffed Canada Jays named “Lucky “and “Ace” traveled from class to class across Canada until covid stopped them in their tracks

*Danger Alert! Your students may want to participate in one of our upcoming webcasts themselves after this activity:

*KidsMeet an Arctic Winter, KidsMeet Canada en français, KidsMeet a Spring Challenge, KidsMeet Nova Scotia, or KidsMeet Newfoundand!

4. Check out all the fully-prepared activities created from our “CPR FOR TEACHERS PROGRAMM” last spring

  • archived activities you can download for Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-8 classes
  • each activity includes instructions and any resources required

5. Check out all the “SPECIAL WEEKLY ACTIVITIES” posted in previous years

Instructions, resources, and activities provided related to:

  • Exploring and sharing your neighbourhood in 3 seasons
  • Kids Matter!
  • Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Learning activities
  • KidsMeet and Canada Jay class webcasts
  • All previous Mystery Class Challenges
  • “Educationally Enjoyable” activities, aka games and challenges 

*Most available in French as well as English


If you’re thinking of having your students create and add their own entry to the map this year, invite Cathy Beach to visit with your class virtually to share the Kids’ Guide project.

Send us a DM @akgtcanada with your request!

Note: requests will be filled on a 1st-come, 1st served basis as spots are limited!

We hope some of these activities will save you time and energy, give your students exciting and rich learning activities to engage their hearts and minds, and help you to get through this wave of Omicron until we reach better days ahead!

Wishing you health and rest,

The Kids’ Guide to Canada Team

This post is also available in: Français (French)