Kelly Brownbill’s Cultural Competency Training – An Historical Perspective on Indigenous Awareness

Workshop Dates & Times

Kelly’s Cultural Competency Training is a 4 hour time commitment divided into 2 virtual sessions. Participants must be able to attend both virtual sessions and complete all 4 hours of training in order to participate.

SESSION 1: Monday May 31st, 2021 @ 5:00PM – 7:00PM EDT

SESSION 2: Tuesday June 1st, 2021 @ 5:00PM – 7:00PM EDT


Kelly is generously donating her workshop free of charge.


Cultural Competency Training Overview – An Historical Perspective on Indigenous Awareness

Too often we are bombarded with frightening statistics enumerating the social and economic challenges faced by Indigenous people and communities in Canada today.  Rather than view these statistics in isolation, Kelly believes that they are better processed when considered through a lens of cause and effect.

Beginning prior to contact and moving into modern society, Kelly will take participants through an introduction to Indigenous culture that compares what was here, what was brought here, and how those very different world views collided as the country of Canada was formed.  

Participants will leave with a better understanding of Indigenous culture, a better awareness of the challenges faced by Indigenous people and communities, and an introduction to relationship building in order to address the history of assimilation and inequities.

Topics include:


  • Land usage
  • Governance structures
  • Family dynamics
  • Spirituality

Contact and Post Contact

  • Colonization of Canada
  • 1763 Royal Proclamation
  • Gradual Civilization Act of 1857
  • Gradual Enfranchisement Act of 1869
  • Assimilative practices
  • 1969 White Paper
  • 1985 Bill C-31

Resulting Conditions

  • What has history left behind? How does history affect perceptions toward health and health care?

Meet Kelly Brownbill

Photo of Kelly

Kelly Brownbill’s spirit name, Wabunnoongakekwe, means Woman Who Comes from the East and she is proud to be Waabizhashi Dodem, Marten Clan.  She is a member of the Flat Bay community of the Mi’kmaq Nation in Newfoundland, and of the Three Fires Midewin Lodge.  

As an educator on Indigenous issues, she has conducted countless cultural awareness training sessions across a broad range of service sectors including key staff from both the provincial and federal governments.  For 10 years she filled the role of peer referral agent for Canada’s largest single site employer of Indigenous people. She has also worked with Indigenous communities, both on and off reserve, to develop healthy agency models and to further develop counselling skills with Indigenous clients. 

We are thrilled and grateful that Kelly is generously donating her time to provide her Cultural Competency Training to District Leaders across Canada to:

  • Explore an historical perspective on aboriginal awareness
  • Develop cultural competencies within the dHL team and district attendees
  • Create district awareness and understanding of Indigenous services available at dHL
  • Build relationships with districts for future engagements

Learn more about Kelly…

Learn more about Kelly Brownbill by visiting her website.


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