KidsMeet Canada: A Cross-Canada K-8 Webcast


Come meet Canadian classes from coast to coast and learn about their communities! Participate in a national Canadian Trivia challenge, and find out how your students can help shape the future of Canada next fall.

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JUNE 14th,  12:30 pm EDT


Google Hangout on Air  
The webcast will be broadcast live, and recorded for future viewing.


For Kids, by Kids…

* meet kids in communities from coast to coast
* celebrate and showcase student voice
* have fun!

For Teachers…

* celebrate teachers who have contributed to the project
* engage other teachers in becoming involved in A Kids’ Guide to Canada & WorldVuze
* learn about other learning opportunities for students in the fall
* have fun!


1. Introductions

2. Class Presentations
* West coast to East coast…
* Q and A from the Audience

3. Canadian Trivia Game 

4. WorldVuze 
Julia Coburn from WorldVuze will announce an exciting new national initiative by WorldVuze that will bring classrooms across the country together to create a vision and blueprint for the next 150 years in Canada! Find out how your class can be involved in this empowering initiative in the Fall.

5. Closing and Thanks


We hope you will join us for the first of many webcasts connecting Canadian classrooms across the country! Please visit A Kids’ Guide to Canada website or follow us on Twitter @akgtcanada to learn more about this exciting project!

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