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In the dynamic landscape of education, the imperative to nurture resilience, compassion, and self-awareness among students has never been more crucial. Brad Hutchinson, a seasoned community leader with over two decades of transformative practices, emerges as a guiding light in this journey. As a Shaolin Kung Fu teacher, author, and advocate for student and staff wellness, Hutchinson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to support well-being, resourcefulness, and capacity building in classrooms.

Within a whirlwind of academic and social pressures in schools, mindfulness emerges as a beacon of hope and resilience. Encouraging the practice of mindfulness provides students with a powerful tool to navigate stress, cultivate resilience, and bring more joy and happiness to the learning experience. By fostering present-moment awareness, students can break free from the cycle of unhealthy thoughts and emotions about the future…or from feelings of failure. Mindfulness offers a pause, a breath amidst chaos, allowing students to manage stress with clarity and composure. Integrating mindfulness practices into the public school setting not only nurtures mental well-being but also equips students with lifelong skills to thrive in the face of challenges.

Brad brings S.I.M.P.L.E. practices to students and educators. (Setting In Motion Powerful Liberating Events) through the power of P.A.U.S.E. (Providing Attention Unveils Special Experiences). His presentations are balanced between Explanation and Experience, that is, between inspirational talks and mindfulness practices.

Author’s Corner, Grades 4-7: Inspiring Literary Engagement

Take your students on a literary journey with author Brad Hutchinson. Watch how students’ faces light up with understanding when abstract concepts like Teamwork, Responsibility, Courage become clear through a fast-paced adventure story. “The Eye of the Storm” resonates with both teachers and students alike. Lisa Hand, a Grade 5 Classroom Teacher, highlights how Brad’s story, “The Eye of the Storm,” ignited a renewed passion for books and storytelling among students. The impact of his presentation was profound, with praise for his engaging style and ability to instill confidence.

Students eagerly shared their thoughts on “The Eye of the Storm,” highlighting the profound impact of the self-esteem-building story. Young readers commended Brad for skillfully keeping the narrative exciting and dynamic, identifying valuable life lessons woven into the storyline—lessons of perseverance, responsibility, leadership, and resolving past mistakes.

Brad’s ability to capture the imagination of young readers is evident in the heartfelt letters from students. Their enthusiasm for “The Eye of the Storm” reflects not only the book’s literary merit but also its impact on fostering courage, resilience, and a love for reading.

Educators have used “The Eye of the Storm” to support their curriculum and foster a passion for critical thinking.

Bring Brad into your classroom virtually to inspire reading, writing, creative thinking, problem solving, spontaneous laughter…

A Path of Resilience and Empowerment

Much of Brad’s transformative knowledge comes from experience. He is no stranger to adversity. 

Brad’s personal journey, marked by conflict in his childhood home and a cancer diagnosis at 15, showcases his resilience as a child. Stepping into a Shaolin Kung Fu club became a transformative experience for Brad. Kung Fu provided access to principles and practices to clear old emotional wounds and find Dynamic Balance through adversity in life. Over years of training, Brad developed inner strength paired with outer gentleness to become an inspiring teacher that helps students rise above challenges and live a potentialized life.

Brad has written and published four books, his latest co-authored book “Dynamic Balance, The Tao of Personal and Social Transformations” synergizes principles and practices inherent in all his teachings.

Brad currently works in the mental health field as a LivingWorks Master Trainer (ASIST), provides Mindfulness programs for community organizations (based on Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma), and recently presented at the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland. Brad is also busy writing his next book.

Conclusion: Brad Hutchinson—A Catalyst for Transformative Education

Brad Hutchinson’s mindfulness programs and literary expertise promise a meaningful and transformative experience for grade school children. With a wealth of experience and a passion for student and staff well-being, Brad stands poised to be a catalyst for cultivating mindfulness, resilience, and optimism in educational settings.

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