National Gallery of Canada Distance Learning Programs

The story of the National Gallery of Canada was born from a dream that all Canadians should have a national gallery to call their own. The gallery would not only showcases magnificent Canadian artworks and artworks from around the world, but would be highly regarded as an institution that preserves, studies and teaches others about Canada’s cultural heritage through paintings, photographs, sculptures and more.

Today, the National Gallery of Canada is one of the world’s most respected art institutions, revered for its scholarship, applauded for its ability to engage audiences of all ages and all levels of artistic knowledge, and renowned for its exceptional collection of approximately 65,000 works of art. It makes its home in a grand, light-filled structure of glass and granite, in which visitors can find a cloistered garden courtyard, a glass-bottomed pool, and a reconstructed 19th-century chapel.

Distance Learning Programs

The National Gallery of Canada is now offering free distance learning webinars for students in Grades K-12 on a variety of topics, including people and relationships (stories in artworks), spaces and places (environments in artworks), interpreting artistic choices (what and why), signs and symbols in art (symbolism, imagery and iconography), gallery highlights (original masterpieces) and more!

To request a distance learning program from the National Gallery of Canada, please log in to the Digital Human Library to view the Gallery’s meBook Expert profile which includes important information like program descriptions, areas of expertise and contact information!

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