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The important work we do in schools is made possible by groups of passionate educators working together. I have had the privilege of working with students, parents, educators, school and office administrators, trustees, technology specialists, and outside organizations who share that passion. If you are interested in working with me as a presenter or keynote speaker, please contact me with your request. Schools groups can visit ETFO’s Presenters on the Road Catalogue to request a free* session.

My focus during any workshop or presentation is to inspire my audience in an engaging and thought-provoking way to inspire change and a movement forward. As we move into conversations that explore why the work is being done, we will later focus on how we can leverage a few specific digital tools and resources to create deep learning experiences that will improve learning in our schools and engage our communities.

Presentations/Keynotes/ Workshops

Blogging for Innovators

Description: With the rapid integration of technology into our classroom programs, it is imperative that educators develop a innovator’s mindset and think critically about using technology effectively to further the process of learning. I will highlight how K-8 educators in the AMDSB are leveraging the power of a digital learning platform (Edublogs) to improve student outcomes in the areas of 6C’s*, as well as design, develop, and integrate digital learning experiences that utilize technology to transform learning into high levels of achievement for students. Experience how students in the AMDSB are engaging in inquiry-based learning partnerships with students in their own classes and with global learning partners to start conversations, find answers to their questions, document their learning, make a difference, take action, and drive change. Student blogs, digital portfolios, and the AMDSB Technology Learning Community blog are the tools that will be discussed. More information about my work can be found here:

Professional Blog: http://digitalhumanlibrary.com/blog
Class Blog:  http://edublog.amdsb.ca/cassell
AMDSB Technology Learning Community Blog: http://edublog.amdsb.ca/tlc

*communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, citizenship, character

Blogging for Innovators (sample presentation deck)

Collaboration in your Next Generation Learning Classroom

Description coming soon!

Digital Human Library

Description: The Digital Human Library (dHL) is a new kind of library designed for your next generation learners. Experience how the dHL is connecting Canadian teachers and students with hundreds of organizations, experts and students from around the world during a live session! Learn how to browse the library and use video conferencing technology to connect learners with global learning partners in all curriculum subject areas. See how the dHL is bringing the field trip experience into the classroom to engage learners and maximize student outcomes (6Cs). Discover how the dHL is delivering authentic experiential learning opportunities across Canada designed to support and further student inquiry, establish stronger relationships between communities and schools, and create a more inclusive and equitable educational experience for all learners.

Digital Human Library 2015 (sample presentation deck)

Digital Human Library in ETFO Magazine_2014 Technology Issue (article)

The Globally Connected Learner

Description: What do you want kids to do with technology? 

With the rapid integration of technology into our classroom programs, educators must think critically about how they plan to use technology effectively to improve student outcomes in the areas of 6Cs. How do your students leverage the power of technology to live, learn, and work successfully in our information-rich society? With ubiquitous access to information and resources, students are now able to pursue their interests in their own way and at their own pace. The opportunities are limitless, borderless, and instantaneous.

During this session you will experience stories of teaching and learning throughout my Board using digital tools like the iPads, the Digital Human Library, Twitter, and blogging to empower students, promote greater enjoyment of learning, improve student outcomes (6Cs), increase academic performance, and build strong, lasting learning partnerships with family, the local community, and global learning partners.

New Literacies

Description: Literacy has always been defined by technology. This session/ workshop is designed to provide an introduction to New Literacies – the social learning contexts, technologies, and new literacies skills and strategies that teachers and students need in order to be literate today. Spend the day exploring platforms like Twitter, Voxer, and Google Hangouts as we discuss how these platforms (social contexts) require learners to utilize new technologies, as well as new literacies skills and strategies in order to effectively connect, communicate, collaborate and think critically about their learning in online environments. Re-examine the Ontario Language curriculum with a lens to future. How does our current Language curriculum lend itself to teaching and learning new literacies skills and strategies in technology-rich learning environments? Develop an awareness and understanding about the complex nature of teaching and learning in online environments.

New Literacies Overview (sample presentation deck)

Parents as Partners in Learning

Description: A parent’s involvement in their child’s learning is the number one contributing factor for student success. As more educators begin to integrate social media into their classroom programs to connect their students with their world, there are even more questions and concerns raised by parents about what this means. In this talk I will highlight how integrating the use of social media into our classroom programs provides parents with unique opportunities to engage in learning with their children. The goal = collaborative partnerships between teachers, parents, and learners.

Social Media in the Classroom

Description: In order to bring our wired classrooms to life, we must provide students with opportunities to use the technology they are using outside of school in school – make the extra-curricular the curricular. Social media platforms like blogging, Twitter, and the Digital Human Library are some of the tools we will explore as we discuss globally connected learning and networking with a focus on maximizing student outcomes and improving student achievement. Throughout the session we will discuss why it is necessary to increase our productivity as educators, and some of the best tools we can use to accomplish this, as well as how these same tools can be used to redesign learning in ways that improve student outcomes (6 C’s). We will end the session with a discussion about how to foster deep, critical understanding through effective implementation of learning networks. Join me in conversations about best practices for integrating social media into your classroom program to engage learners, maximize student outcomes and improve student achievement.

Participants will join 3 PLN’s that include: Global Education Network, Google+, & Twitter.

What Digital Footprint Are You (not) Leaving?

Description: We all have a digital footprint, but the question is, what kind of footprint are we leaving behind? How do we create a positive digital footprint, or re-shape our existing one? We often tell our students that their online behaviour will impact their future, but do we teach them how to create an online presence that will provide them opportunities to make a lasting difference in the world? With the right opportunities, digital tools, and support, teachers and students have the ability to establish their own unique positive digital footprints through the effective use of technology and social media.

Conference/ Workshop Highlights 2014 – 2016

All of presentations are tailored to each audience and customized based on your learning needs. My material is continuously updated and adjusted to keep it current and make it relevant for each school group or organization. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to request me as a presenter.

  • 2016 ULead, Banff Alberta
  • 2016 Innovator’s Mindset Book Club, Online
  • 2016 OTF Webinars (Spring/Summer/Winter/Fall), Online
  • 2016 EdTech Summit, Toronto ON
  • 2016 OLA Webinar (dHL), Online
  • 2016 Ontario Library Association Super Conference, Toronto ON
  • 2015 OTF Webinars (Spring/Summer/Winter/Fall), Online
  • 2015 TLLP Sharing Summit, Toronto ON
  • 2015 ALCDSB, Kingston ON (ADE)
  • 2015 Apple Institute, Miami FL
  • 2015 Connect2015, Niagara Falls ON
  • 2015 English Language Arts Network of Ontario, Orangeville ON
  • 2015 UGDSB Teacher-Librarian, Association, Orangeville, ON
  • 2014 ECOO Conference – Bring IT Together 2014, Niagara Falls ON
  • 2014 Ontario Teachers Federation, Toronto, ON
  • 2014 Connect2014 Conference, Niagara Falls, ON
  • 2014 IGNITE Parents, Goderich ON
  • 2014 Ontario Library Association Super Conference, Toronto ON
  • 2014 Lakehead University Faculty of Education, Online
  • 2014 ISTE – International Society for Technology in Education Conference

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