Teach Learning Skills Through Drama Games with Margaret Boersma

Margaret Boersma, OCT, is a creative educational consultant,coach, curriculum writer and teaching artist, who is passionate about effecting a transformation in the education system by her innovative ‘first person learning’ approach to teaching.

With over 30 years experience teaching kindergarten to grade 8, Margaret is a life-long enthusiast of brain compatible strategies to engage students into a process of learning that incorporates ‘powerful personal expression’. Her methodology works as a catalyst in enhancing the teacher and student communication synergy and gets to the heart of how our students retain, relate and recreate themselves in a way that elevates their performance in school.

Right now Margaret is offering free workshops for students that Teach Learning Skills Through Drama Games. Below is one example of the kinds of programs Margaret can offer your students:

Title:  Living Inside a Story
Grades 1-8; There are 2 sessions of 45 minutes each
Inquiry Question:  How can we really understand a character as if we were in his/her shoes?
Have your students experience a story in « first person » through collaborative problem solving strategies, which deepen intrinsic learning. Prepare to have fun as we read, write and experience from inside a text.  Critical thinking, questioning, inferring and making connections are Language Arts components we will be addressing. Your students will explore strategies such as tableaux, thought tracking, writing in role and role-play to deeply understand different perspectives. A text can be selected by the presenter or suggested by the teacher one week in advance.  Strategies can be applied to any text.  Handout provided.
For Margaret’s full list of programs, please visit her website and click on the Workshop tab to learn more! To register for one of Margaret’s programs, please log in to the dHL and contact her for more information!

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