The World is Our Classroom

« Who are we video conferencing with today Mrs. Cassell? »  My day often begins with these words as my busy bees buzz into the classroom first thing in the morning. Since April my grade 2 students have been inquiring about communities around the world. And who better to ask than other kids living around the world. To date our class has video conferenced with students in over 10 different countries. We have also been exchanging emails, videos, and files with students living in countries where time zones don’t permit a face to face connection. To learn more about how my grade 2 class, in the small town of Crediton Ontario, Canada is learning with other kids around the world please visit our BusyBees Class blog!

Below are some links to blog posts we have written after video conferencing with kids in countries around the world:







Sierra Leone (letter exchange)


Leigh Cassell
Elementary Teacher, AMDSB
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