voicEd Radio: Changing the Way We Talk About Education in Canada

voicEd Radio was created by Stephen Hurley -a thinker, an educator, and an educational adventurer. I first met Stephen in his role as a consultant with the Canadian Education Association. I have always been fascinated by his interest in the way we talk about education in Canada, and even more intrigued by his ability to ask such thought-provoking questions that really get at the « why » of the work happening in education today.

Hurley’s voicED mission: « to change the way we talk about education in Canada by opening up a multi-media space for vibrant, provocative conversation about the issues, challenges and opportunities that are coming to define us in the 21st century. » (http://voiced.ca/)

voicED radio broadcasts education-related content from across the country and around the world. Listen in any time of the day to hear live broadcasts from Canadian classrooms, conferences, and communities, and find a unique collection of pre-recorded content, like podcasts, archived broadcasts and music!

Hurley also invites you to write for the voicEd blog. If you’re new to blogging or a seasoned veteran, voicEd is always looking for fresh original content and your voice matters! Get inspired, challenge your thinking, and create content by joining the conversation.

Check out some of these really exciting programs happening on voicEd:

voicEd Radio on Demand

With so many programs to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love. Join host Stephen Hurley as he explores current trends, ideas, and issues happening in education today. Or listen in during a chat with #ONedMentors -passionate educators who connect with teacher candidates to answer their questions, and explore their ideas as they enter the profession. And one of my favourites: Stories of Getting There on the #EdCan Network. Join Canadian educators as they tell their stories of hope and change in their schools. Don’t stop reading here! There is so much more…


EduRants are simply that- rants about education from educators. EduRants are broadcasted throughout the day on voicEd radio and are meant to be short (under 5 minute) rants about the things that matter you to you: share your reflections, thoughts, epiphanies, challenges, frustrations, goals…

Learn more about how you can get involved and record your own EduRant for voicEd radio!


M.A.D PD is a new online education conference happening via YouTube Live on May 7th 2017 from 8am-8pm EDT.  

Educators are challenged to share the one teaching strategy/tool/idea that has helped make a difference in their teaching practice and/or for their students.  Each presenter will share their idea over a 15 minute time period and explain how it’s made a difference.  A 15 minute question period from the participating audience will follow. All videos will then be archived and shared with the greater education community.

Peter Cameron and the M.A.D PD organizers are currently accepting proposals from educators interested in presenting their innovative idea. For more information about the conference, including the link to the registration form, and a preliminary list of presenters, please visit the voicEd website!

I’ve only scratched the surface here. voicEd radio has so much to offer I hope you take some time to check out their amazing programs that are being co-created by educators just like you. It’s time you joined the conversation. Your voice matters!

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