Breaking New Ground

Thank you, Leigh!

Though, I study professional writing at the University of Toronto I am a gamer at heart. Ever since my parents scraped together every last penny to put a Nintendo 64 under the Christmas tree of 1996, I have maintained a positive and relaxed stance on technology. The reason to pursue professional writing arose because I wanted a medium to communicate my passion for something I believed in. My most enduring friendships started in school, but flourished in an online setting.

Before I stumbled on the Digital Human Library, my view on where “smart” technologies in K-12 classrooms remained were either concealed deep in your pocket or deposited into the communal cardboard box provided by your teacher.

Obviously, things have changed since my high school years.

So when I found the dHL and the premise behind it – use an inexpensive and accessible technology like video conferencing to bridge the gap between students and teachers with professionals and experts outside the classroom – I smiled and thought, It’s simple, effective, and it’s about time.

Everyone fears most what they don’t understand. And it hasn’t been long since smartphone and tablet technology, Bluetooth, video calling and Skype were seen as elaborate novelties. Distractions. But the last several years have placed some form of smart technology in nearly everyone’s hands or home. Now this technology remains affordable, accessible, and understandable.

As someone who spends most of his time tapped into a phone, tablet, console or computer, I’m looking forward to learning, exploring, and sharing the many ways technology can enrich the education experience.




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