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Here Comes April!!!Spring is in the air and we're celebrating with some virtual field trips and a...

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Featured Hangout: National Geographic Explorer Mike Libecki

Monday, March 18th @ 1pm EST

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Word’s of wisdom from Mike Libecki!

Death and/or old age is coming…..we must live sweet.

The time is now. Why ration passion?

Dream big…..and climb those dreams.

After all, it is not only life, but the quality of this life.

National Geographic Explorer and Adventurer of the year Mike Libecki is the ultimate adventurer. With more than 65 expeditions to his name, he shows no signs of slowing down with a goal of 100 expeditions by 100 years old!

Let’s take a look at Mike’s 2012 to get an idea of how he spends his time:

– Early winter, first ascent of a 2,000-foot tower in Borneo’s West Kalimantan.

– Via snowboard, he made a series of first descents in Afghanistan’s avalanche-prone Koh-e Baba mountains and then kite skied over mountain lakes.

– That summer he headed to Franz Josef Land, a Russian archipelago just south of the North Pole, where he stand-up paddleboarded between islands and made solo first ascents of unclimbed peaks.

– In August, he landed on Greenland’s southeastern coast, where he put forth a marathon 60-hour effort to push a new climb up an untouched granite monolith. – Fall was the Philippines’s Cordillera Mountains for bushwhacking up jungle-covered peaks.

– He ended the year with unclimbed peaks in Antarctica’s Queen Maud Land.

Mike seeks out the remote, untouched, and unexplored regions of our planet. His journeys are unique and possibly dangerous. Often done alone, his excursions to the remote edges of the world also have a touch of whimsy. Since his first expedition, Mike has paid homage to the Chinese calendar and brought along a mask to celebrate the year’s namesake animal. For 2012, the Year of the Dragon, on each adventure he donned a dragon mask at some pivotal moment of each expedition.

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Upcoming Hangouts
April will be a quieter month as I’ll be out of town for a portion of two of the four weeks.

Grab a camera spot quickly by visiting the April Hangouts page on the website: http://www.exploringbytheseat.com/#!april-hangouts/lt903

Fill out the form on the bottom of the page and submit. If there’s a spot available, it’s yours. It really is that simple!

As always you can choose to watch the event live with your classroom on our YouTube page or right from the event page. Most events (unless containing copyrighted material) are viewable anytime afterwards via our YouTube page.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message:ebtsoyp@gmail.com

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