Welcome Margaret Boersma!

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Margaret Boersma is a creative educational consultant, coach, and teaching artist who offers educational programs for K-12 in person and now online through the Digital Human Library!

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What is Drama?

Pretending is a simple way to describe drama. This lesson is a beginning drama lesson to set up students powerfully going forward. The following drama games will help build community and an emotionally “safe” environment with your class. Similar to Tribes games, they will help students focus, cooperate and take risks. These games are suggestions and others may be found by searching theatre games.

Why Play Drama Games?
Learning through games is a fun way to teach children to listen and respond to rules and they keep each other accountable. As well, well chosen games teach the basics of skill development in focus, cooperation, collaboration, decision-making, creativity and other 21st century skills. Character education and citizenship skills are also developed through these learning games.

Sample Program Descriptions

Margaret will consult with you prior to your delivering your program in order to customize the learning experience for your students. Suggested program descriptions are included below:

K-3 Teach Learning Skills through Drama Games

3-6 Teach Learning Skills through Drama Games

6-8 Teach Learning Skills through Drama Games

Technology Requirements:
You will need a computer with internet connected to a SMARTBoard or projector/ screen, and a webcam. Margaret uses Google Hangouts and on the day of your program, Margaret will provide you with the link to connect.

If you’d like to learn more about Margaret Boersma and her programs, please visit her website at www.margaretboersma.com

Margaret, welcome to the Digital Human Library!

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