Free Nature Video Conferencing Programs

The Bateman Foundation, in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Parks Canada are offering a variety of free nature video conferencing programs until January 31st, 2014.


The presentations for the video-conference will be done within an hour, sometimes due to questions it can be a little longer, but we try to stay within that time frame for classes. We have a few activities that we get the students to do through the video-conference, and also ask many questions throughout the presentation so that it is an interactive presentation

Forest Health

This presentation will go through the important aspects that make a forest healthy and how we can also help nature. We look at what a healthy forest looks like, and unhealthy ones may look like. We discuss the boreal forest and why we need forests in our lives, and natural disturbances that may occur as well as their effects.

Species at Risk

This presentation discusses the change in the earth through humans and weather changes. We have the students make connections between our evolution (especially in the last 50 years) and the changes in the natural world. We ask what an indicator is, and get the students to try and find examples before presenting what a species at risk may be and the different levels of risks. We talk about different animals that are on the list, and how we are trying to work to protect them.

Jasper National Park VC ProgramsJasper Inside and Out

You take a look at Jasper, its beauty natural and cultural as well as a general look into what Parks Canada looks like as a whole, what we do and why we do it. This presentation has the students looking at parts of Jasper National Park through pictures, and interactions. We talk about places within the park, as well as animals. A great presentation for people who have visited or not, it can create great conversation within the class.

Canadian Identity

This discusses our identity, and the link to the beaver. We talk about the first Canadian economy through the beaver, and the growth of the country. We link the history of the fur trade with the Voyageurs (coureurs des bois), and the route through Jasper, transportation and more.

To book your free video conferencing programs contact:

James Bartram
Education Director | Directeur de l’éducation
Jasper National Park of Canada | Parc national du Canada Jasper
Parks Canada | Parcs Canada
P.O. Box 10, Jasper AB T0E 1E0 | C.P. 10, Jasper (Alberta) T0E 1E0
Telephone | Téléphone 780-852-6202
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Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

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