Digital Learning Day

On Feb. 5, 2014, teachers, library media specialists, and students in Canada and the US will celebrate Digital Learning Day as they incorporate digital learning into their classrooms and libraries.

The day is intended to help educators learn how they can integrate more of a digital emphasis into their classroom programs, and is part of a larger movement to make digital learning more of a mainstay in Canadian and US classrooms and libraries.

Some suggested activities for Digital Learning Day include:

  • Distribute a flier with free technology tools and ask your faculty to try something new
  • Host a digital learning fair showcasing a project based learning activity
  • Work with your local community and Parent Council to hold a Family Technology Night
  • Showcase innovative teachers and/or students
  • Encourage a teacher or student video contest
  • Create a blog space for students and teachers post the ways they use digital technology in their classrooms
  • Teach an interactive digital lesson in the classroom
  • Ask technology savvy teachers to mentor other teachers in their building or district
  • Encourage teacher- led professional learning communities focused on discussions around the use of digital technology in the classroom
  • Use Digital Learning Day to focus on cyberbullying or digital citizenship
  • Announce “big news” such as a new 1 to 1 initiative, a professional development series, or a new approach

What are you doing for Digital Learning Day? Share your stories of digital learning with us!

Leigh Cassell
Elementary Teacher, AMDSB
Founder of the Digital Human Library

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