Global Student Chat February 2023: Self-care: Healthy Hearts and Minds with Olympic Gold Medalist Andrea Proske

Join our Global Student Chat Leadership Team, along with Olympic Gold Medalist on February 7th at 1PM EST as we discuss Self-case: Healthy Hearts and Minds.


Global Student Chat Live: Tuesday February 7th, 1:00PM – 1:30PM EST

Slow Chat: All month long!

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FEBRUARY CHAT QUESTIONS:  Self-care: Healthy Hearts and Minds 

  1. What strategies do you have to maintain a sustainable self-care practice physically and mentally?
  2. How does your identity impact self-care practices and beliefs? 
  3. It’s OK to not be OK.  How have you been supported and/or been supported by others in difficult times?
  4. “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete”. What does this mean to you?
  5. What is happening in your school that is purposeful and intentional to support student mental health and well-being? What else can be done? 
  6. What does your self-care routine look like? Are there specific rules for self-care?

*The same questions will be used for the Slow Chat all month long. We recommend classes spend time answering the questions ahead of time so time during the chat can be spent liking tweets, retweeting, quoting tweets in reply, and collaborating with others.

Global Student Chat Live Expert on Panel: Andrea Proske, Olympic Gold Medalist

Andrea Proske is a two-time Rowing World Cup medallist and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Champion. At the unusually late age of 27, and despite no background in sport, Andrea Proske quit a promising hotel management career to chase Olympic dreams in a sport she’d never tried – all before she’d even stepped foot in a rowing shell. 

“Failing forward” quickly became her motto as she faced underperformance, a serious motor vehicle accident, burnout, and a historic global pandemic and Olympic postponement. Despite serious last-minute injuries, a typhoon, and the ever-looming threat of COVID, Andrea’s uniquely female-coached rowing crew proudly brought home Canada’s first Olympic gold in Women’s Coxed Eight in over a quarter century.

When not in spandex, Andrea’s time is spent speaking to classrooms and boardrooms alike, sharing lessons from sport that go beyond the field of play. As Vice President of AthletesCAN, Andrea champions athlete-centred policy change and advocates for abuse-free sport. She is also an international Sports Commentator, and recently returned from the Bahamas where she acted as Program Director and Head Coach for the largest rowing club in the Caribbean.

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