Meet NEW dHL Expert Jive Honey

Join us in welcoming Jive Honey to our dHL community of Experts available to connect with your students! Their mission is to inject excitement into the relationship people have with bees.

Did you know…?

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, it’s estimated that honey bees are responsible for pollinating $577 Billion USD of food crops every year. While this is the case, year after year, billions of bees are dying, devastating Earth’s ecosystems, and causing food shortages from lack of pollination. With the widespread of diseases, pests, pesticides, and monocrop agriculture, the traditional methods of beekeeping aren’t working as they used to. In the USA, the average over wintering loss of all colonies in 2022 was over 39%. 

Worldwide Bee manages the largest commercial apiary in British Columbia with over 17,000 hives. With the help of the Digital Human Library, we want to inspire students to participate in a fulfilling, rewarding, and profitable career of becoming a commercial beekeeper. Many people don’t realize, but honey isn’t the only bi-product of bees. Many of the products bees create have been used in medicine for thousands of years, and research today shows that they can have beneficial effects on thousands of diseases and ailments. 

Currently, the average age of beekeepers in North America is 60 years old. This means in the next following years, we can expect many of these beekeepers to go into retirement which could result in a huge gap in skilled labour, especially as no one new is entering the industry. 

Why would I want to learn about beekeeping?

While many people are trying to become beekeepers, it’s a very expensive upfront cost, high-risk of failure, and those who are teaching are likely teaching traditional methods that are genuinely failing their students, which is resulting in most people failing before they even start.

We hope to eliminate these risks by offering financing, guidance, job opportunities, and all of the infrastructure needed to all qualifying bee lovers. With our proprietary techniques, we have the ability to 10x our colonies under management every single year. Solutions to end the bee crisis exist, it’s a matter of deployment and education to solve it. Let’s educate and inspire your students to consider a career in the apiary industry!

Connect your students and get involved…

We would love the opportunity to speak in front of students ages 14-17. We believe we can inspire many young souls to make a meaningful impact on our planet. 

During 1 class meeting, we can teach your students everything that you need to know to start their very own hobby farm. We will cover:

  • Our story and why beekeeping is so amazing.
  • Everything they need to know to start their own hobby farm in their backyard. 
  • All of the bi-products of honey bees and their uses. (Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Venom, Beeswax… etc)
  • A financial breakdown of the costs / profits of going into beekeeping. 
  • Please check the following two links to get a taste of what we plan to teach!

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