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Spark your student’s interest with one of Texas Wildlife Association’s (TWA) Distance Learning programs available as On-demand Webinars and via Videoconferencing.

Creepy Critters will get your students in the spooky spirit just in time for Halloween.  On Thursday, October 29th, students will learn about our creepy guest stars and their importance within the food chain.  You must register for this FREE videoconference by this Thursday, October 22nd.

Bats-A-Billion is a great program to experience the day before Halloween.  Students will learn about the special adaptations that make bats one of the most fascinating creatures of the night.  This program is FREE and available as a videoconference on Friday, October 30th, and anytime as an On-demand Webinar.   You must register for thevideoconference by this Friday, October 23rd.

Let’s Talk Turkey is available just in time for Thanksgiving to teach your students all about the Wild Turkey.  This FREE program is scheduled Tuesday, November 18th via videoconference and is available anytime as an On-demand Webinar.

Learn more about these programs and the remainder of our Fall Videoconferencing lineup below:
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Youth On-demand Webinars are completely FREE, available 24/7, designed for grades 1-6, Science TEKS aligned, and only require a quick registration before viewing. Find out more about On-demand Webinars HERE on our website.  Currently you can find our six most popular programs online:

Youth Videoconferencing style programs are offered through Connect2Texas.  Each program is 45 minutes long, designed for grades 1-6, Science TEKS aligned, and FREE to join. Click the links below, or visit Connect2Texas ( to register (registration for a program can only take place through Connect2Texas).

Upcoming Schedule:
October 29 (Th) – Animal Encounters: Creepy CrittersCreepyCritters*Registration deadline 10/22*
Non-interactive times (CST): 9:00-9:45    10:30-11:15    12:45-1:30    2:00-2:45
October 30 (F) – Animal Encounters: Bats-A-BillionBats-A-Billion*Registration deadline 10/23*
Non-interactive times (CST): 9:00-9:45      10:30-11:15     12:45-1:30     2:00-2:45 
November 5 (Th)Animal Encounters: Hawk Talk 
Non-interactive times (CST): 9:00-9:45     10:30-11:15     12:45-1:30     2:00-2:45
November 18 (W) – Let’s Talk Turkey
Non-interactive times (CST): 9:00-9:45    10:30-11:15    12:45-1:30    2:00-2:45

December 3 (Th) – More Than a Drop

Non-interactive times (CST): 9:00-9:45    10:30-11:15    12:45-1:30    2:00-2:45
Program Descriptions:ProgramDescriptions
Animal Encounters: Creepy Critters
Unfortunately for our guests, their creepy appearance strikes fear in most people, even though they know little about them, and in some cases have never encountered them.  Our visitors are quite an eclectic bunch, from those with no limbs, to others with four, six, or even eight!  Join us as we take an up-close look at these critters and discuss how they fit into the food chain, as well as their habitats, adaptations, and the structures that bring fear to many.
Animal Encounters: Bats-A-Billion
This interactive presentation provides students the opportunity to investigate the relationship between the anatomy and the ecology, including the dietary habits, of different species of bats.  This is an experience you will not want to miss.  LIVE bats take part in the program!  We will look at their unique body structures and their functions that allow bats to fly, identify other special adaptations, as well as discuss their basic needs and diverse habitats.  We will also discuss ways you can help these beneficial creatures and conserve their habitats.
More Than a Drop
This interactive presentation opens students’ eyes to the various facets of water in the environment, from raindrops to aquifers.  Students will be challenged to think about where water comes from, how it got there, where it ends up, and how it is being used.  Students will have the opportunity to take part in a hands-on, comparative demonstration along with the presenter, to help them better understand water usage and to learn how to conserve this natural resource.
Animal Encounters: Hawk Talk
Birds of prey, also known as raptors, are a common sight in the skies. During the program, we will take an up-close look at a live Red-Tailed Hawk to discuss the important body structures and their functions.  We will investigate the hawk’s diet, their role in the food web, the habitats in which they are found, and the adaptations that allow them to be such powerful predators.
Let’s Talk Turkey!
This interactive presentation introduces students to fun facts about one of our state’s most fabulous birds: THE WILD TURKEY!  We will discuss turkey anatomy, habitat, adaptations, and basic needs, as well as the various “calls” or vocalizations that turkeys use to communicate in their environment.  Students will listen to an assortment of calls and have the opportunity to take an up-close look at a real Wild Turkey.

Visit their website for more details about Youth On-demand Webinars and Youth Videoconferencing programs.


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