Learn Indigenous Culture

Learn indigenous culture

4Canoes Digital Shelf

Digital Human Library has partnered with 4Canoes to bring Indigenous Knowledge Keepers sharing their stories into the education system and our communities.

4Canoes is a Canadian based content creator and publisher formed in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls To Action. 4Canoes content is evolving as a unique, ongoing, 28-edition series and children’s books created to bring Indigenous Peoples telling their stories into our classrooms and communities. Each edition highlights a different Indigenous Peoples, and is produced with integrity and respect. The 4Canoes team embeds and works with the featured People for months, providing a forum for them to tell their stories.

  • New editions and children’s books released every year
  • Each edition and children’s book builds awareness about Indigenous culture by sharing the stories as told by the People about the land, water, and culture
  • Audio included in many editions and children’s books (stories read in English and the Indigenous language; nature sounds, etc.)
  • OWL Special Editions released annually following the release of the 4Canoes editions
  • *K-12 Teacher Guides with STEM-based lesson plans and additional resources connected to the Canadian curriculum
  • *K-12 OWL Special Edition Teacher Guides released annually
  • District portal includes titles purchased for the year (accessible to all staff, students, and community)
  • Access the editions and children’s books on any device in any browser (no downloads required)

Together, we are providing students, educators, and communities around the world with the opportunity to learn and interact with Indigenous culture in a meaningful way through resources that inspire everyone to learn more about Indigenous culture and the land which we all share. Prepare to be awestruck!

The Collection



The 4Canoes Digital Shelf is a subscription-based service that can be renewed on an annual basis. Educational institutions choose the titles as they want for their Digital Shelf, which can then be made accessible to staff, students, and the larger community. The price is $15 per title per school in year 1, and the renewal is just $5.00 per title per school in subsequent years. Print editions may be purchased individually or in bulk at a discount within your District’s Digital Shelf.

Contact us to preview and subscribe to the 4Canoes Digital Shelf.

Indigenous Professional Learning Programs

Indigenous Professional Learning Programs (IPLP) provide teachers with the foundational cultural competencies they need to integrate the 4Canoes editions and children’s books into their classroom programs effectively and confidently, and they prepare teachers to work with local Indigenous groups.

Join us as we explore important topics like:

  • Indigenous History
  • Pre-Contact, Contact, Post Contact, Colonization of Canada
  • Assimilative practices
  • Land usage
  • Governance structures
  • Family dynamics
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Tools for working with Indigenous populations
  • Diversity
  • First Nations Political Structures on and off Reserve
  • Ceremony
  • Sweat Lodges
  • Smudging
  • Relationship Building
  • Allyship
  • Self Reflection
  • Privilege
  • Equity


Indigenous Professional Learning Programs are priced separately.

Contact us to learn more and book a program.

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