Opportunity to Contribute to Reconciliation

Digital Human Library (dHL) the International Indigenous Speakers Bureau (IISB) have come together to help elevate Indigenous voices, perspectives and insights in primarily non-Indigenous spaces by creating NEW Indigenous educational videos. IISB educational videos intended to assist the K-12 education system with understanding Indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and history in ways that follow a more indigenous way of teaching and learning.

Digital Human Library is looking for Canadian Teachers who would like to contribute to reconciliation and learn Indigenous knowledge and world views by connecting the IISB Indigenous educational videos to the K-12 Canadian Curriculum. We are looking for teachers in every province and territory to contribute to this important work.

In order to be successful in this role you will need to be committed to reconciliation, have previous experience working with the Canadian curriculum in one more province or territory, strong interpersonal skills, and enjoy working on an innovative and dynamic team!

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